The 411 on The Bare Minerals Christmas Party 2015

We was invited down to the Bare Minerals Christmas Party to kick-start the festive season, hosted at the swanky and enchanted Avairy Bar on Little Portland St. The evening was full to the brim of bloggers and professionals alike, conversing about all things Bare Minerals, lusting over all the Christmas goodies, pecking at the appetizers and sipping on a whole load of cocktails. The evening enabled guests to party away to the DJ, treat yourself to getting your hair, makeup and nails did.
The whole evening had invitees feeling like a little kids in a candy store, with the need to indulge in all the goodies surrounding us. The Bare Minerals event was enchanting to say the least and filled with Christmas Spirit.- The Christmas sets are a thing of beauty, and particularly was fond of the 'Love at First Kiss'- a collection of 10 creamy and pigmented lipsticks, a shade for every moment. 
The night was magical and every single Christmas collection is one you will want to get your hands on. We know exactly what's on our wishlist.

Of course I couldn't end the post by just sharing the nights events, here is a sneak peek of what Bare Minerals have in store for you. Grab a piece of paper and pen and note down what beauty bits you want on your Christmas list. 

Thank you for inviting us down to preview the Christmas collection and gifting the Precious Gems set.

Make your Christmas magical with a touch of BareMinerals


  1. Oh wow, these look like such luxurious and beautiful Christmas gifts! I love the look of love at first kiss and precious gems, the colours are just divine! I bet you had such a lovely time at this event because it looks amazing xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Thank you for the comment sweetie, yes the evening was lovely and the cocktails delicious. Precious Gems are amazing will soon do a post on them stay tuned! xx

  2. Ahh I was so gutted I couldn't come, it looks like you had an amazing time and it looks so glitsy and Christmassy! I love the look of everything too.

    Hazel xx

    1. Hazel babe! Thanks for the comment, yeah it was a great event hopefully we will catch up soon at another event or meet up for lunch x


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