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I was recently contacted by the team at Acne Ultra Clear to review  their newest product 'acne ultra clear cream'. As many of you know since a teenager I have suffered with acne, although now as an adult it is nowhere as near as painful, prominent or often as before. But as I have blemish prone skin, with a lot of pigmentation and scarring over my face due to my acne, as soon as I was contacted I was eager and excited to see whether Acne Ultra Clear would help ease and soothe my acne and thus prevent the scarring/pigmentation and in the long run be beneficial for me to use to get rid of these pesky spots. 

Acne Ultra Clear: What they say
Acne Ultra Clear is an acne treatment cream but can be used also in the same way as an ordinary moisturiser. The product contains 100% natural ingredients- boosting of ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax and pot marigold to name a few, and is free from artificial colours or harsh chemicals. 
Acne Ultra Clear suggests that it is a treatment designed to act fast to reduce redness of the skin and spot visibility, ensuring that in some cases spot visibility and redness could reduce in as little as seven days. A hydrating product that is said to leave the skin feeling silky smooth, without a greasy residue left behind afterwards. 
Acne Ultra Clear recommends to use the treatment twice daily- once in the morning and once in the evening after cleansing for maximum results. Dermatologically tested and EU certified.
Thoughts & Expectations: What I say
After researching the brand it was clear to see not many results would arise as they are a fairly new brand, so not many reviews were up apart from the ones on their own site.  After reading the information and what was sent to me by the team, I was left with the idealism of what to expect from this product. Of course I was happy to hear that in some cases redness and spot visibility could reduce within seven days, who wouldn't be happy with that? When you suffer with blemish prone skin- hearing facts like this, is like music to your ears.

The Acne Ultra Clear comes packaged that seems like it's target audience is for a younger viewing maybe teenagers suffering with acne. But once you open the box and see the product itself, the clear packaging makes it look quite clinical, and before opening you assume the contents within the jar to be white in colour but in fact it is a brown/beige colour and smells of a cinnamon/nutty scent- which I wasn't particularly fond of. The consistency of the moisturiser feels pretty light when you first use it but once applied to the skin feels thick, but does melt into the skin leaving a greasy residue. As someone who already suffers with oily/combination skin, this wasn't something I was expecting from an acne cream, being a cream and not a lotion says it all really. Creams are usually thicker in consistency than other types of moisturisers, I chose to still continue with reviewing product that day/evening, and even the next day to ensure I got the full benefit of the product to write the review, but my impressions was already cautious. 

In reality two days in out of seven using the Derma Group- Acne Ultra Clear, I broke out really bad with horrible under surface spots that felt like boils and rashes, as well as making my original spots and blemishes bigger. The cream left oily residue to my skin and obviously didn't agree with me at all- so stopped using the product last week. Till this day as I type I am still trying to calm and soothe my break out by returning back to my usual routine and also seeking pharmaceutical help. 

Overall my review can only be 100% honest of course and reflect my journey and experience with the product.  I have to say though to be cautious of products you use in general, and would not chose to repurchase this product therefore gets a score of 0/10 (obviously based on my terrible reaction). Although I suggest people look into brands they use and can not completely fault the brand as it may be an allergic reaction to something in the product I wasn't aware of or the product is just not suited to my skin type. 

If you want to read the other reviews on the site of Acne Ultra Clear check it out here.

But other than that Acne Ultra Clear can be bought online- Amazon for £13.99.

Let me know if you have tried or what you think of the brand.



  1. I can't believe you broke out in spots :(! I hope your skin has got better now. I don't like using products that are not very well known, or have too many things added. My skin is super sensitive and my skin breaksout when I use certain products (not just in skincare, but general too) so I have to be really careful as to what I choose.
    Ramsha | Rose

    1. Thank you for the post hun- Yeah it was terrible im still suffering with a rash now and a few blemishes but they are going down. xx


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