Halloween is fast approaching, so of course I had to come at you all with a Halloween inspired post! I have always been one to get into festive holidays, may that be Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas, I make sure to get myself involved in every single one. So for this Halloween I have collaborated with the amazing people at HQHAIR* and ZAVVI* to share with you all how I created this Vampire look.  This can be created using the products you have at home, not all of us have makeup artists money or can run out on the streets buying all that sfx makeup, so I'm gonna keep it real and share with you how I created this look. For the post I also got my bestie involved and decided that I would use exactly all the same products as her (minus the foundation/base products as you know.. we have different skin tones).

To achieve this look the only steps that are different throughout the whole routine are the base products but after that every single step is exactly the same from the lips to the eyes.
To create the base for Sarah I first primed her skin with the NYX Photo Loving Primer (green) to correct and cancel out the redness in her skin, and then used the lightest shade from my camouflage concealer palette, (this can be bought from eBay for as little as £10) I used this as her base shade instead of foundation to achieve the pale vampire inspired look. To create the base for myself I primed my skin with the Laura Mercier Primer (which is still my favourite primer to date) to ensure all my pores were covered to get a smooth base and to keep my face free from excess oil. I then applied a generous amount of the Vichy Dermablend Foundation in Coffee as my base.  To achieve the dark vampire eyebrows, I opted for the Collection Eyebrow Kit using the darkest shade in black for both of us, and neatening it up to make our eyebrows stand out with the camouflage concealer palette (lightest shade for her and lightest brown for myself). To set our base I chose to use the Collection Lasting Perfection Powder in Medium for Sarah, as it gives such a flawless finish. I used the Ben Nye Banana Powder under my eyes and let it bake slightly, then went over both our faces with a light dusting of Vichy Dermablend Translucent Powder. We all know when you add foundation products and concealers, you can look a little washed out, so I decided to contour both of us to bring back some dimension to the face and also to achieve high cheekbones (that Vampires seem to have in movies) and a well  defined nose. I contoured Sarah with the Sleek Contour Kit in Light and used this to contour her nose, chin, cheek bones, forehead and jaw line and also used it  lightly on her cheeks to give her a sun-kissed look for her pale skin. For myself I contoured the same areas using the Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder in 04.
To create the Vampire eyeshadow I wanted to go for something that would be easy to follow, without the need for so many different colours that you could recreate with what you have at home. I used a combination of different palettes, such as my 88 Eyeshadow Palette (this can be bought from eBay) and the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette. By using a dark purple I lined the bottom of our lid (near the lash line) blending it up slightly, and also used this to line under the bottom lash water line, I then dusted over an iridescent red/gold colour from the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette to the middle of the lids packing it on to ensure the colour payed off for both of us. I used a matte black colour (from my 88 palette) in the crease and worked it along the crease to blend the colours together, and kept doing so until I reached the desired look I was going for. By using a clean brush I went over the eyelid to ensure the colours were blended to get rid of any harsh lines. This is the perfect time to add that no specific fancy brushes are need to create this look, use what you have, even your fingers will do- remember this is for fun, it's Halloween!
To get that perfect winged liner cat eye (well as perfect as I'm ever going to get it) I used the Maybelline Master Ink Eyeliner in Black* using small strokes along the lash line and followed it out like the eyeshadow, the Master Ink gives a very dark black colour so is perfect for this Halloween tutorial look. And to finish the eyes, I went for my new mascara which is the the Kiss Cosmetics Beyond Limitations Mascara- this beauty has been compared to that of Benefit Mascaras- it's that good! I am particularly fond of this mascara as it elongates lashes, and gives them a generous coating with just one use ensuring all lashes are coated, making them stand out from the crowd.
Lipsticks and playing around with lip colours are one of my favourite things to do, for this occasion I didn't want to go with your average dark purple or dark red for a Vampire tutorial, so used a few colours to get this purple/pink look. What if Vampire's like pink? To achieve this plumpy lip, I outlined both our lips with the NARS J.Mendel Palette (limited edition) in Scarlett Empress, slightly going over Sarah's lip line (like Kylie Jenner used to) to give her the illusion of bigger plumper lips. I filled the middle of the lips with a touch of Viridiana (from the J.Mendel palette) and went over with Rimmel lipstick in Heart-breaker* to add the red tones. To get that glossy finish I used a little bit of Chicaboom (lip lacquer) from the J.Mendel palette to finish the look. Once the whole look was coming together I picked up the Makeup Revolution 'Hot Spice' Blush Palette and used the light pearlescent colour to dust over our cheekbones, cupids bow, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. I made sure to go over the cheekbones continuously really building up the product on the face as it has such great iridescent  hues of purple, gold, silver and shimmer- which reminds me of the Vampires from Twilight- and when they shine/glisten in the sunlight.... To finish off the look I painted my nails the perfect shade for Halloween in Orange Punch & Goth: Orly Nail Polish* to get into the spirit of Halloween, and that's it!! My Halloween Vampire tutorial that is hopefully easy to recreate- maybe rope in a friend and get him/her thirsty for Halloween!
Above shows the products used for both myself (picture 1) and Sarah (picture 2) not including the 88 eyeshadow palette which unfortunately broke in the making of this post. R.I.P Eyeshadow Palette... To achieve Sarah's manic hair I backcombed her hair slightly and teased it with a comb whilst using the Label M Texturising Volume Spray to give her hair extra volume and texture, I back combined her hair once more and went over with Elnett Hair Spray to keep that thing in place. This is what we will be recreating for Halloween whilst eating all the popcorn and pigging out to scary movies that were kindly sent to me by ZAVVI. Who doesn't want to see ZomBeavers (Zombie Beavers!) attacking people? And my beautiful husband... Man like Luke Evans playing Dracula, it all makes sense now... He's playing Dracula and I'm a blood thirsty vampire DUH!? Now all I have to do is pop my fangs in and be that Blood Sucking VAMPIRE of course... whilst munching on Maoam in a candle lit room...


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