Olympia Beauty 2015

Sunday 4th October - Monday 5th October saw the return of the annual prestigious Olympia Beauty hosted at Kensington Olympia. Of course as soon as I knew this event was coming back around I made sure to be prepared for the day well in advance, by securing my blogger press pass early and making sure I had the cash to accompany me on the day. Every year I attend Olympia Beauty, and every year without fail I enjoy the event and eagerly await to see the new brands hosting in the beauty hall as well as the reoccurring brands that are set up and ready to pitch the products to the public as well as the beauty professionals that attend.
I popped on down to Olympia on the Sunday and made sure to get up extra early to make it on time for when the doors open at ten, as I hate when the crowds start to pile in it makes my anxiety start to climb and that's when I know it is my cue to leave. Not only was Olympia Beauty hosting its annual event, but that Sunday also was the day of the beauty blogger awards in the evening. I arrived early at the venue at 9:45am with the lovely Sarah from SRFTaylor, but luckily we was allowed in before 10am. Of course I bopped right into the venue and scouted out all the brands I wanted to network with and obviously get my shop on as the place was still empty- to the point some brands were still setting up. Weaving through the aisles I made sure to hit some of my favourite brands such as NYX, Crown Brush, Elemis and Dermalogica, (and plenty more I cannot list). I also has a cosy chat with the lovely ladies at Kiss Cosmetics and many other new brands that were hosting at Olympia beauty this year.
By 11am I made sure to make my way through to the beauty blogger awards and see my fellow bloggers and the brands that were over in the blogger section for the awards. I particularly was fond of MR Broccoli (hopefully some of yall know what I'm talking about- I promise I'm not crazy- I swear) and the photo-booth was a big hit amongst bloggers of course, I couldn't be tempted to go in as I felt a mess that day, too much sun equals sweat... Or is that TMI??? After being busy in the awards room I headed off with Sarah to get some lunch at Pizza Express, it's only on the corner of Olympia so why not, I ended up opting for mozzarella garlic bread and of course a margherita pizza (I am not very adventurous, might I add).
After popping into Olympia for a final time, I just had to leave as it became way to packed by 1pm and the start of my notorious migraines began to dominate my experience, so on that note I had to pack up and leave with my camera in tow. Unfortunately I was unable to see the actual blogger awards but congrats to all that won, I read everything over on twitter of course.

Overall as usual the day was just as good as last year, I spent all of my money haha and thank you to all that gifted things. Olympia Beauty is such a great event and I will attend again next year.
Thank you Olympia!


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