Who said that winter means no more strobing and goodbye to drop dead gorgeous glowy skin? Just because summer is over let's not stop our routines of being effortlessly gorgeous, during the winter months. It is common practice to fall back into old routines when the sun goes away and we feel like there is no more reasons to play. During the past summer strobing was the IN thing, It was everywhere... on the red carpet, in fashion week, bloggers and vloggers were adopting the new in trend of highlighting and it doesn't have to stop there. 
As with everything, skincare is key- in order to achieve a flawless makeup look, you have to make sure your skin is in the best condition to give you a perfect smooth base for easy application.Temple Spa products can help you to achieve radiant skin and a sun kissed glow.

To achieve the perfect base, this is what I have been reaching for on every occasion, like a moth to a flame, I cannot explain just how much my skin has benefited from this product. As mentioned it is important to create a smooth base pre application in order to have a smooth and immaculate finish,  to achieve an immaculate base and a natural glow to my skin I have been reaching for the Temple Spa: The Big Reveal. Whenever I hear a product reaps of glycolic properties I am like a girl on a mission to obtain it, (think of me as the next Katniss Everdeen). The Big Reveal is a glycolic gel peel that has a unique blend of exfoliating ingredients with detoxifying pomegranate extract and moisturising raspberry seed oil that lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave skin ultra smooth, clear and gloriously radiant. 

Now I am almost certain you want my opinion otherwise why are you still reading haha, at first glance when I got my hands on this beauty I fell in love with the packaging- I didn't expect anything less from Temple Spa of course, and their products take pride of place on my dresser. My mum is a little magpie (not really but you'll see where I am going with this) because of the packaging she literally swooped over to find out what the luxurious product was due to its bright polished packaging- and after trying it, guess what... She's hooked, sorry mum you will have to get your own. 

I use a pea sized amount up to three times a week, (maybe more if I have somewhere special to go and I am aiming to look pristine) by massaging it into the skin and leaving it on whilst brushing my teeth, then continue to massage it in further to ensure it is being penetrated deep into the skin, with this it also starts to pick up excess oils and dead skin and once I see this I cleanse my skin with a warm damp muslin cloth to get rid of the left over product. You can literally see the dirt leave your skin and the product works so well to leave my skin rejuvenated and youthful, certainly one I have left on my Christmas wishlist as I am already starting to think what am I going to do without this product in my life when it finishes- hello Santa!

Once my skin has been cleansed and moisturised, I head to my makeup station to start the transformation- music in full swing- foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush... But what about that highlight though? Highlighting and Strobing has certainly become very popular in the social media world and the blogging community, but I always kept highlighting to a minimal as I was always unsure whether I would end up looking too shiny. Temple Spa: Look On The Bright Side is a liquid highlighter in a pearly champagne shade available to suit every skin tone, with sheer formula you can either achieve that high end dewy cat walk radiant look or add a hint for a touch of a lustrous natural sun-kissed glow. As well as being able to create the perfect radiant look this beauty is packed with brightening anti-ageing ingredients including B3, pomegranate and red clover extracts blended with ginger and mint to cool , purify and soothe the skin. Move over Disney princesses, there's a new queen in town with glowy radiant wake up in the morning skin and I'm not sharing my secret with you. 

Just like The Big Reveal the packaging for Look On The Bright Side is just as gorgeous, with its clear bottle you can see the radiance boosting out of the bottle like sunshine that creeps through the curtains. As well as this beauty looking pretty it's also versatile too, it can be mixed with your BB cream to achieve a dewy luminous finish, used on its own after moisturising to give the skin a youthful glow, or on-top of your makeup to look like a gorgeous goddess! If your trying to achieve master strobing then you need to add your highlight to areas where your face is naturally hit by the light: above your cheekbones, bridge and tip of your nose, your brow-bone just under your eyebrows and your cupids bow and chin. 

These two products have become a winning combination in my eyes, but you can also see more from the range to get red carpet ready with the It's All A Blur primer and the Temple Spa Glint luminous concealer over on the website.



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