We all need an update on what's hot currently in the beauty industry, so today Sincerely Shug is sharing 8 beauty products needed for spring 2015. 
Ever since being was introduced to Cover FX Liquid Foundation,  we have all been fan-girling over Cover FX. This brand is reputable in catering for all women especially WoC, and was mentioned in the post- "The struggles of being a woman of colour". The foundation has a natural finish and is oil free, very easy to work with and doesn't need constant blending, neither does it need to be continually touched up throughout the day. It is a lightweight foundation with medium coverage that is build-able, if you need extra coverage over those blemishes. 
Sincerely Shug has worked together with Fashion Fair on various occasions, so for all my melanin lovelies this one is for you.  The two products that fall into this line up is the Fashion Fair Air Pressed Powder highlight compact, and the Fashion Fair Eye-Shadow in Safari Brown. The highlighter compact in Air is a light golden sand colour you would find in the Caribbean – with its cool tones and golden iridescent shimmer this product is the perfect highlighter for every skin tone. The Safari Brown eye-shadow is perfect for natural everyday wear, it is a lovely deep brown colour with hints of copper that also glisten when applied to the eyelid. Fashion Fair please do not discontinue these products ever!
Bloggers have worked with GOSH for the longest time, and is a very respectful brand to work with. The GOSH Extreme Mascara is a hit amongst many and is super affordable. The mascara is amazing,the bristles of the brush enables lashes to be coated with a deep dark black formula that not only lengthens but thickens lashes, giving it the appearance of false lashes. This little beauty product will soon take its proud place on your dressing table and will be the mascara you reach for on a daily basis. Not only are GOSH affordable but a well known and reputable brand! 
Come through Trilogy and your amazing products! The 'Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm' is the product you have to have this year, if you haven't already got it, then make sure you are good so Santa can place it under your Christmas tree – or if you don't believe in Santa, then maybe put it down on your wish list for your parents, sister, brother, or significant other...you get the drift!
The Trilogy 'Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm' (with rose-hip, mango, coconut) has easily become the product everyone is reaching for to get rid of makeup and impurities at the end of the day. Not only does it smell amazing and feel amazing, it leaves your skin soft/nourished, hydrated and clean. Reap the benefits of this amazing cleansing balm.
Make Up Revolution London is fairly new to the scene and has become a beauty gurus favourite brand. Make Up Rev's "Ultra Blush Palette" -"Hot Spice" is perfect for all complexions, but does a little something something for all you melanin ladies. The palette enables you to have five blush matte shades, one shimmer shade, and two marble shades that act as highlighters. Make Up Rev is affordable and Chic, so if you are on a budget- this one is for you. If you haven't yet tried Make Up Rev then you're crazy! 
Sincerely Shug are big fans of Temple Spa products, so obviously had to put them in the line up of must haves. New to Temple Spa and want to know more about what they offer- check out these posts here. Temple Spa's "Look On The Bright Side – Instant Radiance Booster" highlight, has easily become an amazing product for WoC, which radiates on darker skin tones and produces a glowy sun-kissed goddess look. You wont want to share this with anyone else- not even your best friend. 
The 'Look On The Bright Side' highlighter comes in the most gorgeous packaging, be sure to pop this in your makeup bag to get your friends looking at you green with envy.
Want to know more about the Eau Thermale range click here.
The sought after products by Avene for transforming blemish prone skin are:
1)The Cleanance Mask
2)The Cleanance Mat
3)The TriAcneal Expert
Each of these products help to produce smooth skin, and get rid of the impurities and the development of blackheads and blemishes. The TriAcneal aids in reducing the sizes of imperfections, clearing up blemish scarring or hyperpigmentation. The Cleanance Mat manages and regulates oily residue produced from the skin and supports in reducing the amount of oil produced. The Cleanance Mask has been known to do what it says on the tin- using it three times a week it smooths skin, and leaves you with a radiant finish.
Looking for a palette that does everything you need, the Collection Cosmetics "Conceal & Light Like A Pro" palette is perfect palette for beginners, containing eight shades that will help you conceal, highlight, and brighten features just like a professional MUA. In each section the cream to powder shades offer ultimate coverage to hide imperfections or blemishes. The concealer shades can be blended together to suit any skin tone.

  • The yellow/highlighter shade helps to brighten dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Green concealer applied to conceal red areas to help neutralise and even out skin tone. 
  • The purple shade in the pallet helps to counteract shallow, dull areas and helps to brighten the skin. 
This little compact is a perfect little kit to have in your make-up bag or on your dresser, it is affordable and won't break the bank. This is exactly why it has made my beauty favourites alongside the other phenomenal products.

What products are you reaching for this Spring?

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