It has been awhile, since I have done a beauty favourites. So today I wanted to share with you some of the beauty products I am currently reaching for, the selection is a combination of both new and old products, some which have been sent to me and some of which I have bought myself over a period of time. Beauty favourites are one of my favourite posts to read in the blogging community, as it shows me what is out there. This selection of beauty products I am sharing with you today have been some of my favourite products I have been using for years.
Ever since I was introduced to Cover FX Liquid Foundation, I have been a fan of the brand. I was first introduced to Cover FX when researching brands that cater to women of colour, you may remember this in my "The struggles of being a woman of colour". My particular shade is in G80, the foundation has a natural finish and is oil free. I have found this foundation to be very easy to work with and doesn't need constant blending, neither does it need to be continually touched up throughout the day. It is a lightweight foundation with medium coverage that is build-able, if you need extra coverage over those blemishes. My main reason for why it has landed into my favourites is because it is the perfect match to my skin-tone, as you all know I am a NC50/NC55 shade in regards to Mac foundations (with yellow undertones) so sometimes it is very hard to find a foundation that matches the exact shade to my skin-tone. But with this product I have found no problems.
You are all familiar with the brand Fashion Fair, (well you should be anyway if you constantly read my blog) if you are not then... I have no words. Again another brand that was featured in my 'women of colour post'. The two products that fall into this favourites post today is the Fashion Fair Air Pressed Powder highlight compact, and the Fashion Fair Eye-Shadow in Safari Brown. The highlighter compact in Air reminds me of the light golden sand you would find in the Caribbean – with its cool tones and golden iridescent shimmer this product is the perfect highlighter for every skin tone. The Safari Brown eye-shadow has easily become my eye-shadow of choice for a natural everyday wear, it is a lovely deep brown colour with hints of copper that also glisten when applied to the eyelid. Both of these products were used in one of my recent posts "An affair with Fashion Fair", in which I showed step-by-step how to use and recreate the look. These two products I use together over and over again without hesitation, and I have no idea what I would use to replace them if they were to be discontinued – Fashion Fair please do not discontinue these products ever!
I have had the GOSH Extreme Mascara for the longest time and only recently have I pulled it back out of the box, I think a lot of the time people underestimate products that may be more affordable – in this case I am talking about the Extreme Mascara by none other then one of my favourite high street brands GOSH. The mascara is amazing,the bristles of the brush enable my lashes to be coated with a deep dark black formula that not only lengthens but thickens my lashes, giving it the appearance of false lashes. How have I left this product in the box for so long? Which has now taken proud place on my dressing table and is the mascara I reach for on a daily basis. Not only are GOSH affordable but a well known and reputable brand! Cheap, Cheerful but forever Stylish.
Now where do I start with this one, the 'Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm' is the product you have to have this year, if you haven't already got it, then make sure you are good so Santa can place it under your Christmas tree – or if you don't believe in Santa, then maybe put it down on your wish list for your parents, sister, brother, or significant get the drift!
The Trilogy 'Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm' (with rose-hip, mango, coconut) has easily become the product I reach for to get rid of all my make up at the end of the day. It has replaced all of those make up wipes I have been using time and time again, and ever since I got my hands on this beaut, I can't put it down. Doesn't that tell you something? Not only does it smell amazing and feel amazing, it leaves your skin soft/nourished, hydrated and clean. I will soon (in the next week or two) be doing a complete full review of this product as I don't think, just this paragraph will do it justice, I want you all to see the full benefits of exactly what the Trilogy Cleansing Balm can do!
I have spoken about the Make Up Revolution London "Ultra Blush Palette" on the blog before, the particular palette in question is the blush palette in "Hot Spice". The palette enables you to have five blush matte shades, one shimmer shade, and two marble shades that act as highlighters. The thing I absolutely love about this beauty (and actually all of Make Up Rev products) is the affordability and the sleek professional look of the brand, (the packaging is always on point and the make up itself flawless). I am still yet to purchase more from the range but will do in due course! If you haven't yet tried Make Up Rev then you're crazy! Where have you been? What have you been doing? I'm pretty sure every blogger and their dog (probably a pug *rolls eyes*) owns something from this brand.
I have always been a fan of Temple Spa products, whether it is affordable and in my price range is another story. But alas I was able to get my hands on the Temple Spa "Look On The Bright Side – Instant Radiance Booster" highlight, this is definitely one of my products that I won't be sharing with anyone... Now you know there have been times when your friend comes over, or your mum comes to visit and you're like you can borrow this and you can borrow that, but there ain't no borrowing this time. LOL.
The 'Look On The Bright Side' highlighter comes in the most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen, the highlighter gives you instant radiance to the skin and is so easy to use, I have a hard time of putting it down.
If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that there are brands I am particularly fond of, one of those brands being Avene and its Eau Thermale range. If you remember I recently wrote a post about an acne cream that made me have a horrific break out, it was these three products that helped to restore my skin back to it's normal self – by normal I mean not overly blemished with boils and instead, just it's usual combination/oily blemish prone skin. The trio of products I have been using are from the Avene Eau Thermale range:
1)The Cleanance Mask
2)The Cleanance Mat
3)The TriAcneal Expert
Each of these products has helped to make my skin smooth, and get rid of the boils and acne I was experiencing, which brought my skin back to life. Using the TriAcneal in the evening has helped to get rid and reduce imperfections, and reduce old scarring. The Cleanance Mat has been a godsend for controlling my terrible oily skin, which I use morning and night. And the Cleanance Mask has done what it says on the tin- using it three times a week it has helped smooth my skin, and in my opinion reduced my pores so I produce less oily residue throughout the day.
And lastly in my favourites is the Collection Cosmetics "Conceal & Light Like A Pro" palette that every blogger has been talking about. This product is the perfect palette for beginners, and not only beginners but those pros out there too. It contains eight shades that will help you conceal, highlight, and brighten features just like a professional MUA. In each section the cream to powder shades offer ultimate coverage to hide imperfections or blemishes. The concealer shades can be blended together to suit any skin tone (in this case I use the lighter brown colours and the main brown colour), the yellow/highlighter shade helps to brighten dark circles under the eyes, whilst the green concealer if applied in red areas of the face, can help neutralise and even out skin tone – insuring for a flawless finish. The purple shade in the pallet helps to counteract shallow, dull areas and helps to brighten the skin. This little compact is a perfect little kit to have in your make-up bag or on your dresser, it is affordable and won't break the bank. This is exactly why it has made my beauty favourites alongside the other phenomenal products.

And that's it, that's a wrap. These are literally the products that I am raving about every single day and using like mad, if you don't believe me, why don't you just go out and try them for yourself :-)

Let me know what you think of the post! Stay tuned for more reviews and beauty news in the future.


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