Many of us continually use products for our lifetime because we used them as we were growing up, they were the products our parents used, and the products their parents used. This is obviously apparent, not only with the products we buy but with everything we do in our daily lives as well. What I mean by this, is that, in regards to the things we buy- it is because of repetition and what we saw as we grew up. In this case growing up in my household of five we were always using the brand Colgate – now I know you're like wow.... this is the longest post intro for toothpaste… But I don't care, it is true that we stick to what we know, until obviously I moved and started living on my own I ventured and found my own way, own doctors, own dentist, own opticians… You see the pattern.

I was introduced to Sensodyne first by my dentist, in which he told me that it would be better for me to use. (May I just add that my dentist KJ is a superhero… No literally he's a superhero- I never ever feel my fillings being filled) anyway after being introduced to Sensodyne, it is something I reach for continuously. Having sensitive teeth can be a killer sometimes – biting into ice cream *pain*, drinking a cold drink *pain*, or even sometimes just biting into hot food…*pain*... All you sensitive lads and lasses know what I'm talking about, but I have come to find that Sensodyne has actually helped with my sensitivity.
I've been using the Sensodyne True White mint toothpaste that is actually quite refreshing (but really what more can I say about toothpaste – this post wasn't to tell you that I like to brush my teeth, it was to tell you that Sensodyne has helped reduce my sensitivity). With this I have also changed my toothbrush to a soft/medium brush to ensure that the bristles of the brush are not too hard on my teeth and gums, (I also wanted to add that- as much as my gums can bleed due to the hardness of the brush I use – it does not mean "Mr advert on the telly" that I have gum disease it just means that my teeth and gums are sensitive...Thanks!)
I have even started using mouthwash – yes I didn't use mouthwash before and what? I used to find mouthwashes really harsh, and they would leave my mouth feeling hot and prickly, I can't really explain I can only tell you how it felt. The Sensodyne long-lasting sensitivity care mouthwash in cool mint does the job though, it's protecting and strengthening my sensitive teeth without it feeling like its on fire!

Now my teeth don't catch feelings, and are not so sensitive!


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