Ever since I popped into Boots a few years ago, to pick up my usual favourites I always make sure to have a pop around the store to check out what's new in the skincare and beauty aisles. After mooching around for a few minutes, my eyes were caught onto the Scholl Diamond Pedi and at the time I hadn't heard much about it, so I decided to pick it up with my other purchases.
After trying out my pedi for ages, I just can't go back to my usual routine, I had stepped my game up of achieving beautifully smooth skin on my feet (maybe a bit TMI). How had I not heard of this product before… I am a beauty blogger, in a blogger community and hadn't heard of this product as of yet. Then a couple of months ago I recently offered to review the Micro Pedi Nano, and of course I just had to say yes.

The Micro Pedi Nano is a intuitive stylish and chic product, that is perfect for popping into your handbag or even your travel luggage. This miniature device exfoliates and removes hard dry and tough skin, whilst being gentle to my feet leaving them visibly smooth and soft in seconds.
Not only does it do the job but it does the job right!!! And it comes in three stunning colours, vibrant pink, cobalt blue, and zesty orange, certainly colours of the summer. Originally brought out during the summertime I believe this product is perfect all year round, it's a nifty little gadget that is soo easy to transport wherever you go, and not only that gets rid of tough skin in the jiffy. A bit more facts about the Nano Pedi, is that it has a unique antibacterial flex+ micro mineral roller, that rotates at an amazing 30 times per second (now that's fast). The Pedi does require two AA batteries, to work… Obviously! But if your looking for where to buy this products you can purchase it on the website at an unbelievable price £19.95 is definitely worth the money, RRP £29.95.

This post is starting to turn into a Micro Pedi reunion, now this next product wasn't sent over to me but I just had to add it to this post. The Micro Nail Elegance is like the cousin of the Micro Pedi range, again another product that works on batteries, this little beauty has easily become my new favourite toy and has been for a while. The nail elegance is the perfect gadget for nail care, it is a electric nail polisher that buffs and helps to bring back your nails natural shine in seconds. I have definitely seen an improvement in my nails and their glossy appearance, I have never been a fan of those buffer blocks you use when doing your own manicure… (Maybe that's because I'm a little lazy, maybe it's because I'm impatient-who knows) but this does everything with ease, no mess no fuss just buff. A little bit more facts for you – the nail elegance battery power enables the rollers to rotate at a whopping 360 degrees, and at 1800 times per minute. Now this one is a little bit more pricey at £29.99 but it does come with two extra smooth rollers, and four extra shine rollers and of course the two AA batteries. So far one of my favourite things about the product, is even when I don't have any nail polish on it looks like I have a top coat on, and my nails shines for dayssss!

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