Thursday I was invited down to the Holland & Barrett Showcase, at the swanky Ice Tank in Central London near Shaftesbury Avenue. Heading to the event straight after work I managed to beat the rush hour which meant a long peaceful tube ride in a empty train carriage #win! I arrived at the venue around 5:30pm and was greeted by the ever so lovely ladies from Pegasus, then showed around the venue by the team of HB to have a butchers at all the latest's products that they had to offer...From ever so tasty food and healthy snacks to beauty products.
This event by far has been one of my favourites of the year, with food and cocktails flowing, and the DJ's music pumping, the atmosphere was so chilled and full of laughter it was a pleasure to be there. Throughout the day live cooking demos were taking place in the kitchen, and I even got to speak to Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) the main man himself! From nibbling on healthy delicious food to sipping champagne, there was even the chance to get your nails did and get a massage! Who wouldn't want to pamper themselves after a long hard day at work... This was such bliss.
I had a blast reconnecting with brands I was familiar with such as Dr Organics, Weleda and Amy's Kitchen and meeting and learning all about new brands such as Saaf, the new HB Free From range and Skin Salvation (perfect for my eczema prone skin)- reviews to follow soon. Also keep an eye out for Honestly Healthy: Alkaline Super-boost and Choc Chick who I have a particular interest in. I was really really glad I popped down for the evening due to changing up my diet I had the chance to find where I could source food and products for my ever so fussy and sensitive intolerant stomach.  Holland & Barrett are certainly leaps ahead when it comes to the Free From ranges, and I don't just mean food and snacks! Did you know HB also sells sex products such as lube suitable for Vegans? No well you learn something every day.

Thank you for having me HB!

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