From time to time I tend to dabble in a few fashion, favourites and wishlist posts, so with the changing weather that has suddenly graced us in the UK, I thought it was only acceptable to put up a post on 'must have' winter accessories. I thought it would also be more interesting having them all come from the same place, so I thought...Why not start off with one of my favourite clothing stores- New Look. 

I am a big fan of cover ups, whether that be grandma cardigans or funky kimonos, I will always be wearing one or the other. Now that it is getting extremely cold with the lead up to Christmas it is essential to have something that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. This cute piece by New Look will certainly keep you on trend as well as warm through the winter months.  I have also wrote this down onto my wishlist, when you live on your own and you got bills to pay- heating can't be left on all day like nobodies business, so I try to cut back on bills by wrapping up well with good pieces of clothing and if I'm indoors something extra cosy, thick and something I can lounge in. 

Even though I may be 24, I am a big kid at heart. These slippers have caught me straight away and now I want them. But in general slippers are a very good investment come winter time, everyone wants to keep their feet and toes toasty. And just these few things can make you feel extra comfy and add those home comforts. Every year I like to invest in some new slippers like these that have character and show just how childish I really am.

Will Faux Fur ever go out of fashion? No! Every blogger and their mother owns a faux fur something, and for me I like when they come as attachable and detachable accessories- so I can wear it when I want, and change up my style in seconds. Why else has it jumped into this post you say? Well because it keeps us all warm obviously, no-one wants a cold neck or chest, this accessory is always going to be something that stays on trend in the winter months. 

Okay... So maybe I added this accessory mainly because it was super cute- not necessarily because it was winter appropriate. With the blustering winds and freezing temperatures an umbrella like this may not be strong enough to battle the windy tides. BUT my main reason was to get across having a stable and strong umbrella during winter and its perceptible down pour!

Socks, Socks, Socks in general is a winter accessory I can never have enough of, I absolutely love socks maybe because I have a strong hate for feet. This one has just got to be short and sweet and I guess it kinda speaks for itself. Comfy cosy warm socks.

This scarf is absolutely beautiful, I am a big fan of the check print but sometimes the tartan print can become a bit overdone and it can be seen everywhere you turn. This is a nicer alternative of colours for Autumn and Winter, as well as having colours that compliment each other very well, Of course a scarf was going to be added to my Winter accessories list and out of all the ones I scoured on the New Look website this was by far my favourite. 

These boots is all about the colour and the cut, I love the shape of these boots and especially the navy colour, it is so boring seeing the same old black boots that everyone is wearing. The navy colour adds a touch of colour and character and I think ankle boots never actually go out of style and can be worn all year round. This too was my favourite on the New Look website and I do prefer boots that have zips, which adds space to get my thick ankles into the booties. 

What do you think of the New Look accessories?


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