This Christmas I was truly blessed with gifts from my friends and family, although for me its not all about the gifts it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Christmas started with all my family and friends coming down to mine as it was the first Christmas in my flat. It was amazing chilling and listening to good music with good company and everyone getting stuck in this year helping with all the cooking and prep for later on. This year I made it a little different by hosting a Christmas quiz and other mini games in the evening such as charades, pictionary and the name game.... And at the end the team who won even got a big prize from the quiz-master aka moi!

This year I decided to cook a huge duck alongside some lamb chops, chicken breasts and thighs, and all the trimmings of course... My family aren't one for turkey and as much as people say turkey can be ''succulent'', its not really something that screams celebratory dinner to me.
In my family, along with friends I now call family, we have a tradition of opening one present the night before on Christmas eve, dead on 12am which is technically Christmas day morning. Then later in the day after waking up we open our presents throughout the day so the surprises keep on coming till the evening.

After munching down on numerous amounts of snacks during the day, getting merry and chowing down on Christmas dinner we were all stuffed. And the presents then become a tower stacked in the corner to ensure there is enough floor space, the music is then turned down and we get stuck into finishing off the chocolates and getting stuck into festive tv and Christmas movies.
This year my main gift was a light blue Crosley Vinyl Record Player alongside two vinyls that were Jade- Don't walk away single and the Ed Sheeran- X album. I have been collecting vinyls for a little while now both for playing purposes and some for display purposes, so to actually receive this as a present, my mind was blown. I didn't even wait till later to play it, I stopped cooking completely and set it up ready to blast out the music.
During the festive day, I also received a numerous amount of smaller gifts, such as socks, baking utensils, chocolates, slippers. I have always been one for home comforts if you didn't know, I get so excited over the smaller things such as cosy socks that are not only soft and fluffy but a very practical present too. I always like my flat smelling gorgeous so when I got a new reed diffuser I was more than happy to get it out and put it pride of place in my living room. Many of you know an easy way to make me smile is by getting me anything kitchen related, so when I opened up my baking utensils it really got me in the mood to bake, and I swear my baking cupboard is going to explode soon. I also got a few other kitchen bits such as a water jug and a mug that literally is so me. The bath set was literally perfect as I had run out of pampering bubble baths so the next day I made sure to put it to good use. Finally I received a small bottle of one of my favourite CK perfumes for my handbag and a 2016 diary that can be used for work.

 Of course I was gifted books and DVDs this Christmas, who doesn't love a good book or DVD.... or even HARRY POTTER merchandise!!! I opened up the HP illustrated book as my Christmas Eve present and was so happy I can't even explain myself in writing, so when I opened up the colouring book the next day, I was speechless. I have wanted to read Girl Code for ages so this is now the book I will be keeping on my coffee table not only to read but to feel extra motivated. I have never seen the women in black- mainly because I really wanted to see it in the cinema but was sh*t scared to go and see it, so why not watch it at home where no-one can see you crying? Thanks Sarah lol (love you long time sis). Finally I opened up the Bend it Like Beckham DVD and was so so sure that I already had this movie.... not to sound ungrateful- I looked up with a confusing smile puzzled and was shouted at to open up the ting. After opening my originally owned movie I found tickets to go and see Bend it Like Beckham in theater. YASS I love the film, so I was more than excited to open this up after the initial confusion had passed. The cheeky bugger stole my DVD without me knowing to turn it into a surprise present. I see you thief!
The last thing I opened at the end of the day, or shall I say night as it was like 10pm when I got to my last present. I was bought a brand new Blu-ray/DVD player, as my old one was literally a big mess that hardly worked. Yay. It is so small, light weight and sleek I cant get enough of it!

Again thank you to everyone who brought me such beautiful Christmas presents, but as you all know- the thing better than presents is just having my wonderful friends and family in my presence.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you all have a happy New Year.
This is the last post for 2015, so till then I'll see you all in the new year.

Peace & Love

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