Ever since I went to Olympia this year, and picked up the Smooth Again exfoliator I have been obsessed. Generally I have always thought things like this wouldn't really work, and as they are advertised on TV with models, it isn't a good and true to life depiction of how the product really works. 
So after picking this one up from Olympia, for buy one get one free I was adamant that at a very discounted price, it was worth giving it a go and meant I wouldn't have wasted too much money if it all went belly up. Since purchasing it I have honestly been using it non-stop, the first time I used it I completely forgot to review and take a few blogger photos to show my before and after results. As I have really thin hair it takes a while for my hair to grow back, so four months later I went on a long pamper session and decided to give the Smooth Again exfoliator another go to show you all.

In order to use the Smooth Again exfoliator, you need to make sure your hair (which can be used on all bodily hair) is dry and has no product on such as moisturisers etc. The exfoliator mitt has adhesive patches that you stick on to the mitt which can be used up to six times before you need to change for a new patch for exfoliating. The patches are infused with micro-crystals to help with easy exfoliation and easy hair removal. Within the pack you get four large and four small micro-crystal patches, which can last you up to a year depending on how fast your hair grows/ the thickness of your hair. For this post I have shown my before and after of my leg hair!

How To Use: By circulating three times clockwise and three times anticlockwise that is the motion you have to use when using the product for hair removal on the skin (continue until you reach desired effect). After hair removal, moisturise the skin with a rich moisture product to bring back moisture to the skin. 
So as you can see, it actually works, I was pleasantly surprised too and not in the slightest bit disappointed. I am still currently using my same pack that I bought and I am still using the first micro-crystal patch since I started using it as I have only used it three times in total. I particularly love this product as the product comes in different sizes so it means you can tackle pesky sideburns, facial hair, mustaches, armpits, legs, bikini line and anywhere else you can stretch your imagination to.

These products are readily available and many brands sell them. But I must say I would buy it again once I finish mine. 


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