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Earlier this month an article was written listing all the items of clothing women were told they shouldn't of worn in 2015. So when Simply Be contacted me to discuss the issue of course I had to share this with my readers.

When was it socially acceptable to tell people what they could or could not wear? The media has always had an influence on what is deemed normal and not normal. But why should we succumb to the ignorant opinions of others.
Even Barbie is getting up to date!

Ladies and gentlemen....If someone tells you no, dare to be different, be you be brave and be bold, and say yes I look good in that. We were not born to all dress, act and look the same. Clothes is a form of art, it is an expression of how you feel, how you show your personality or believe in your faith. Be that through skirts, leggings, dresses or anything else that has been suggested we shouldn't wear. 
I grew up in a household where I was allowed to express exactly how I felt through the clothes I wore. From a young age I remember throwing on jeans with skirts or dresses on top, tracksuit bottoms with flip flops and leggings that had all the color of the rainbow on, when someone said or even looked at me in a certain way due to my fashion choice not being up to their standard, I was always reminded by my mum ''but they aren't you''. And that was enough to make me realise I could dress however I wanted. I could push the boundaries if I wanted and I could experiment in what ever way I thought deemed fit. As a teen I went through my fair share of changes, from indie skater girl, to dresses and dolly shoes. I have always remained true to myself and that's exactly what I want everyone else to echo, if you're happy f*ck what anyone else says.

Even today in 2016 I still dress exactly how I want to, my family and friends are very aware of my character, my personality and know I am comfortable being me. Sometimes when I wear plain clothes depending on the situation, I know I will be wearing a pretty funky jacket to let my personality shine through. It just cant be tamed. Another thing I just love is leopard print, so many people think it is trashy but I don't and wear it in anyway I can, even socks if I have to. What is wrong with simply wearing something because you like it? Not because its a fashion trend or statement or because society is telling you its ok. What is wrong with simply throwing on something because you like it. Pure and Simple.
This year I certainly won't be holding back, I want to push my own boundaries, even when society tells me I shouldnt wear something because of my size or it may not compliment my skin colour. I want to go out there and dare to wear what I like. No-one can tell me no but me, it is important for me to be myself and not anybody else. 

My favourite rule to break is wearing trainers, hi tops or running shoes with a girly dress or skirt. I like the contrast of the two styles and I don't even mind if my trainers are a little bit battered or dirty. This is me. And this is how I do.

So if there is something you like and have your eye on, don't be afraid to clash those patterns, mix up those vibrant colours, flats and socks . Flaunt it be you and strut like there is no tomorrow. 

Read Simply Be's post on the issue here: Simply Be
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This Friday I was invited to head down to the beautiful St. Martins Lane hotel to see the new Spring 16 launches from Barry M. The drop in event started from 9am and finished at 5pm, so straight after work I made sure to head down to Leicester Square and have a quick peak as to what Barry M had in store for us all. Arriving just in the nick of time I was able to look around at all the newest launches, get a few Instagram's and pics for the blog, as well as getting my nails did by Metta Francis

Lucy Mecklenburgh is officially the new face of Barry M 2016. many of you may remember her from The Only Way is Essex otherwise known as TOWIE. I am always so impressed with Barry M and their extending range, but enough of me babbling on now. I'm sure you all have come over for one reason- and that reason is to see the new launches available in February 2016!

Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint / Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint / Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint
Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint £4.99
The Sunset nail paint range comes in four divine summer colours, All the things she red, Bug a blue, Pinking out loud, and Empire state of Mint. These sunset colours have a formula to ensure your nails have that professional look from the comfort of your own home. The topcoat delivers shine and adds that resilience to make sure your nails are Summer ready and wont chip away.
Launching 10th February in Superdrug & 17th February in Boots 
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint £3.99
The super glossy long lasting nail polishes are just what we all need with Spring quickly approaching. The Gelly range has expanded even further with four new amazing hues to add to the collection, Pink Lemonade, Butterscotch Sundae, Cream Soda, and Acai Smoothie. This range of colours has got to be my favourite of all and I can't wait to wear them on my nails.
Available Now in Boots & 10th February in Superdrug 
Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint £3.99
This Barry M range was certainly designed for me, I am definitely one of those impatient girls when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry, so when I saw one of my favourite ranges has four new pretty pastel shades for this Spring/Summer 16 I was over the moon. The Speedy Nail Paint range sets in under a minute without the need to constantly coat the nails to get that pigmented colour, it is already full of colour. The four new colours to join the family are Freestyle, Winning Streak, Personal Best, and In a Flash. Your mani will be super shiny, instantly dry and ready to go in just a few minutes.
Available now in Superdrug & 17th February in Boots
Barry M has always been a brand I head to when I want affordable beautiful nail colours,

That's How I Roll Mascara £4.99
Barry M has launched a new mascara to their brand, an eyelash curler and mascara rolled all into one. Hello beautiful curly lashes, the brush has been specifically designed to lock onto each lash to lift and curl lashes to create fluttery lashes. As you all know I am a sucker for a good mascara so cannot wait to review this beaut.
Launching 10th February in Superdrug & 17th February in Boots

Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit £6.49
The Chisel Cheeks palette has been a big hit amongst many bloggers of fairer skin tones and Barry M has added another palette suitable for those of medium to dark skin tones. The contour kit enables you to sculpt and highlight the face to enhance bone structure and define features. Inside the kit it gives you a step by step guide on how best to contour/highlight your features.
Only in the past two/three years have I ventured into the whole contouring aspect of makeup and I LOVE it, Barry M's new shade looks amazing and I cannot wait to try it out for you all soon.
Launching 10th February in Superdrug & 17th February in Boots

Shape & Define Brow Kit £5.99
Yasss to brows all day every day. I live for good eyebrows and Barry M has added a new shade to their Brow Kit in light to medium. The kit allows you to create perfect brows using three steps to shape, define and highlight brows. After years of over plucking my eyebrows I began to fill them in (first incorrectly might I add) with time and practice, as well as finding the correct products I finally managed to get them exactly how I like them, and I have never looked back. Although I won't be able to use the light to medium kit, I will be venturing out to pick up the previous kit that would better suit my brows.
Launching 10th February in Superdrug & 17th February in Boots
Of course I have to give a big shout out to Barry M for gifting me with the new launches, and thank you for inviting me to head down on the day. Barry M is a brand I have always been fond of and has grown with me from a teen to an adult. I love how I can use many of their products without worrying if it will suit my complexion or not, and of course they are so affordable we don't have to worry about breaking the bank.

W: Barry M 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


For the longest time I have been scoping the Makeup Atelier Paris website, creating wishlists in my notebook and saving images till I can either afford to purchase some products or narrow down exactly what I want. Fortunately I was sent over a few products from their range to try out, I have heard such good things about the brand and I hope this review does the brand justice.
The Makeup Atelier Paris corrector concealer palette has actually got to be the best concealer range I have ever used since I ventured into makeup at the age of  eighteen. Each palette from Makeup Atelier Paris contains five creamy concealers and correctors, that blend so easily into the skin using my beauty blender dupe. The main colours in the palette I use are the darker brown colour for contouring (when attempting that glamorous look) and the lighter two colours to correct and conceal blemishes and old acne scarring that has been there for years or for highlighting. I find using the palette is easier to do with a sponge than with a foundation or concealer brush as the application is much easier. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing the colour range is!
I will always share with you guys, the swatches of makeup I enjoy using. And i cannot wait to share with you in a few weeks the makeup looks I have been creating taking your look from day to night. This eyeshadow palette is so amazing the pictures don't even do it justice, the metallic colours are amazing and if you have a really good eyeshadow primer than you got it going on. These colours last a lifetime and the shimmer within the metallic colours is unreal, totally unreal. I have always been one to prefer my neutral earthy colours when it comes to eye-shadows, because I think that is what best works for me. Gone are the days when I was eighteen and I was playing with purple and blue eyeshadow.
Many of you are aware I suffer with oily/combination skin, but majority of the time it is more oily than anything even those blotting papers don't do me justice, and before I discovered powder I just looked like a sweaty mess. The Makeup Atelier Paris TZone Gel is a mattifying gel primer specifically designed for the TZone area, although it doesn't completely keep shine at bay, it has certainly helped to slow down the secretion of oily residue. I have fallen in love with the gel consistency compared to many other primers that can feel sticky and heavy or cause irritation. Swiftly moving onto the next, I need to really get you guys interested in the Magic Eye Primer!!! Hello genius eye primer that I forgot to use in my swatches. This beauty is heavenly, it keeps the colour on your lids lasting almost all day and the colour literally pops off your face it is that good! Again in a similar consistency like the TZone primer it has a amazing formula that is waterproof and sweatproof. These are certainly two products I will purchase in the near future, I cannot see myself without it.

The Makeup Atelier Paris HD Foundation has got to honestly be my least favourite out of the list of products I was sent. But this is not because it isn't good, only because it isn't really in my shade. The colour I was matched to has more of a red tone (see swatch) whilst I have more of a yellow undertone. So when I use this product it is evident that it doesn't match me as good as it should and needs a lot of work to blend to get it to sit somewhat normal on my skin. By using the foundation alongside lighter concealer is how I managed to work in the colour. Apart from that, the foundation is outstanding- I have never seen or had a foundation that has this much longevity, and I'm sure if I found my exact match my skin would look absolutely flawless. The Pearl Powder (which you can see swatched) is an astonishingly brilliant highlighter powder than I have been obsessed with using on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and cupids bow, and the compliments I have been receiving is unreal. The pearlescent highlighter has a soft smooth texture and just adds extra sparkle to any look. 

Have you heard of Makeup Atelier Paris? Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Everyone and their mum has been speaking about the Vichy Dermablend corrective fluid foundation. Ever since I was invited down to it's launch a few months back (or shall I say last year) I have been using it. 

The Vichy Dermablend has a unique camouflage formula that enables you to conceal and correct blemishes and skin flaws. The formula allows you to create a natural long-lasting finish without it feeling heavy or oxodising instantly. I have personally been using the Vichy Dermablend for more than over three months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed using it as my daily foundation for work. Although I am fond of the foundation and it is easy to apply and blend during the quick routine to get ready and head out for work, it is not something I would wear when I want to feel more glamorous. The two darker shades available from Vichy can also be seen as a little disappointing, as this is not diverse enough for everyone, I was matched to 65- Coffee, which at the time seemed like the right shade, but actually is darker than my own complexion. To fix this issue I mix the foundation with a lighter concealer than my complexion and viola problem solved. 
 The shade coffee is the closest I can opt for before the foundation verges back into fairer skin tones, hopefully Vichy will surprise us with further shades added to the line at some point. If you suffer with oily or combination skin like I do, then you certainly need to carry a powder to ensure you can get rid of that oily residue throughout the day.

The foundation is certainly wearable, doesn't oxidies or cause irritation to the skin which I really like, and it can be build-able to cover blemishes. I only wish there was further shades in the line. 


Sunday, 17 January 2016


I am aware it has been a while since I have typed up a lifestyle post, jotting down my thoughts with the help of the keyboard and seeing my thoughts pop up on the illuminated screen turning into words. A couple of days ago whilst chilling in front of the TV with my friend discussing social media, the bloggersphere and anything else that may be deemed as an internet frenzy. We started to realise, once again we certainly do not fit into this culture of what it is to be a blogger and neither do we mind. We don't mind that we are not interested in the HYPE of products, and even if we have tried it we don't mind saying that something is SHIT. Because this is how we actually think and feel.

For instance....

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
This products has had hundreds and hundreds of reviews, I remember last year being sent a sample of it and after using the ''holy grail'' product which many seem to suggest it is, my skin felt just the same as before. There was no baby smooth softness or any complete rejuvenation of my skin but instead my response to it was.. Meh
Meh because it is just that, a product that I didn't find did anything astonishing to my skin that water does alone and Meh because I am not afraid of noting down my opinions on a product. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Not only does this have a hefty price tag but the Benefit They're Real Mascara again wasn't a product in my opinion that was worth the HYPE. Can we discuss? For some reason the ''they are real mascara'' only makes ''my real lashes'' look as real as before. Resulting in me no longer having to part ways with £16 but instead continue to flaunt my own 'they are real lashes'. 

Rose Gold?
This infatuation with alloy metals that our young generation is terming Rose Gold, is just a short lived re-identification of what copper is. Copper, yes that same rose gold one pence piece every one has in their wallets and purses and can even be found on the streets of London. Rose Gold has become of popular demand, but if only the majority knew that the rose gold wire basket you bought from H&M or Primark isn't actual RG for under a fiver. Rose Gold is much more than the fiver you are spending here and there on home hauls. If it's not actual RG can we please keep it simple and call it Copper.
Not everything has to be jazzed up.

And finally Coffee...
What more can I say about Coffee. I walk the streets to and from work and see teenagers falling into temptation of buying this Mocho-Choco-Frappa shit. And for what? Bloggers and You-tubers are turning young preteens to caffeine addicts, just to be deemed as cool. It is not cool! It is not cool to be jumping on a bandwagon and neither is it cool to have so much cups of coffee.
As someone who suffers with  an anxiety disorder I know that caffeine intake should be limited and if anything hardly touched- to reduce anxiety, think about putting that espresso down and educating yourself on the relation that coffee has with anxiety. Maybe then all these You-tubers and Bloggers wont be so anxious?

Just a thought?


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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


We have officially entered 2016! Happy new year and I wish you all a healthy and positive 2016. So this post was meant to be posted a while ago now, and I remember picking up these products from Olympia Beauty. The team were absolutely amazing, I had the longest chat with them about the brand and what they had to offer, and can I just say, If you haven't heard of them, you're gonna learn today!
I picked up the Kiss Cosmetics Lip Vinyl in Magnetic Melon to get myself ready for when Spring comes back around. I have always loved orange/red shades of lipsticks but never had one in this colour that is a vinyl that dries somewhat matte. I remember first exploring shades of oranges back with Revlon lipsticks and upgrading to MAC as I got older and it was more in my price range. I have always been one to invest in products that are good regardless of the name, and have always been fond of trying new brands to share with you all. So when I came across Kiss Cosmetics and the team behind the brand I fell in love.  I have to admit it is certainly a colour that can compliment so many skin-tones and I have to praise the pigmentation pay off, the longevity is amazing and the price is well... what more can I say affordable. This is the first Lip Vinyl from KC that I own but I really need to add more to my collection. 
The Colour Switch has got to be the most innovative beauty product to grace me since I went to Olympia Beauty. If I'm honest this is the product that I was most excited about at Olympia, and when the ladies showed me just how this beauty worked it was like magic. The Colour Switch enables you to change the colour of your lipstick from one pigmented colour to a lighter pastel colour to suit your desired look. So if at any time I become bored with some of the lipsticks or lip products I own, I can whip out this bad boy and instantly change the colour, depending on how much Colour Switch you use sets the tone and pigmentation of your lipstick.  Kiss Cosmetics are seriously giving me life right now with their products, can we just take a minute to admire the colour payoff and the change in intensity with the Colour Switch!
ERRR hello? Can we please just look at the middle swatch compared to the other two...I mean yes it's probably the messiest swatch your gonna see amongst the bloggersphere but can you just see the difference in pigmentation and how it has completely changed the shade of the Lip Vinyl. Crazy right, it works perfectly with lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and I'm still trying to work out how else I can use this miracle product. I will certainly be buying more once this one finishes but I can honestly say this is a product you should invest in and worth the money. 

Thank you Kiss Cosmetics for being such a lovely team at Olympia, and introducing me to your beauty voodoo. I am officially hooked!



Monday, 4 January 2016

Thank You 2015

As we enter the fresh brand new pages of the new year, it is that time of year where people begin to make those resolutions. You start to hear 'new year, new me' which to some, may be irritating as we hear this statement every year, but for me i'm more like ''do you boo boo, do you"! 2015 has got to have been one of the most positive years I have had in a long time. And I'm starting to see why going through those dark times and coming out of them, has made me a stronger, wiser and more forgiving young woman. 

Here are just a few things to why my 2015 has been amazing...

Not only did I leave my hostel in February but I was able to secure my own flat, which was a perfect start to the year. It is such an amazing feeling to feel secure and have somewhere you can finally call home. Many people take for granted basic needs of having a home and somewhere you can feel safe and stable, and really have to remember just how blessed they are.

I moved into permanent work in a field that I love, helping young people achieve and reach their full potential. Coming from a difficult background myself, I want young people to know that nothing can hold you back. And I can not wait to see just what else my job with The Prince's Trust has in store for me.

Blogging has taken a great leap, and the blog has become bigger and better than ever. Not once did I think writing about my life and my mini reviews would allow me to attend press events and connect with brands and pr companies to be a source for a good honest reputable review. 

Of course this year has had it's challenges as well such as being diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and trying to understand/ get to grips on how best to support my new found needs. I've also had many of times that my confidence has hit rock bottom. But it's only at this time of the year I realise, that actually all these difficult moments are learning curves for the future. 

Now after 2015 has finished it's chapter, I have my arms open wide for what 2016 has to bring. Every experience, the good ,the bad and the ugly is something to look forward to, they are the event's that make us human, and keep us grounded. 
The sky is the limit.

Thank you to my best friend in the whole wide world the strongest women I know my mumma who knows me inside and out, who knows my full potential accepts me as I am, believes my flaws are beautiful and never gives up one me. Thank you to my big head best friend who I ADORE, you seem to get me inside and out even with my crazy ass and always know just what I need. Thank you to my beautiful brothers and gorgeous sister for always making me feel a part of something you are all I ever need. And to my boy best-friend my brother, thank you for being that one true friend since school. 

I have never been one to do resolutions but there are a few things I am hoping to embrace
Be more confident.
Be healthier & stronger.
Accept as many opportunities as you can, and make the most of life.
Continue to do you, because you do you so well.

Hello 2016, I am ready for you!
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