We have officially entered 2016! Happy new year and I wish you all a healthy and positive 2016. So this post was meant to be posted a while ago now, and I remember picking up these products from Olympia Beauty. The team were absolutely amazing, I had the longest chat with them about the brand and what they had to offer, and can I just say, If you haven't heard of them, you're gonna learn today!
I picked up the Kiss Cosmetics Lip Vinyl in Magnetic Melon to get myself ready for when Spring comes back around. I have always loved orange/red shades of lipsticks but never had one in this colour that is a vinyl that dries somewhat matte. I remember first exploring shades of oranges back with Revlon lipsticks and upgrading to MAC as I got older and it was more in my price range. I have always been one to invest in products that are good regardless of the name, and have always been fond of trying new brands to share with you all. So when I came across Kiss Cosmetics and the team behind the brand I fell in love.  I have to admit it is certainly a colour that can compliment so many skin-tones and I have to praise the pigmentation pay off, the longevity is amazing and the price is well... what more can I say affordable. This is the first Lip Vinyl from KC that I own but I really need to add more to my collection. 
The Colour Switch has got to be the most innovative beauty product to grace me since I went to Olympia Beauty. If I'm honest this is the product that I was most excited about at Olympia, and when the ladies showed me just how this beauty worked it was like magic. The Colour Switch enables you to change the colour of your lipstick from one pigmented colour to a lighter pastel colour to suit your desired look. So if at any time I become bored with some of the lipsticks or lip products I own, I can whip out this bad boy and instantly change the colour, depending on how much Colour Switch you use sets the tone and pigmentation of your lipstick.  Kiss Cosmetics are seriously giving me life right now with their products, can we just take a minute to admire the colour payoff and the change in intensity with the Colour Switch!
ERRR hello? Can we please just look at the middle swatch compared to the other two...I mean yes it's probably the messiest swatch your gonna see amongst the bloggersphere but can you just see the difference in pigmentation and how it has completely changed the shade of the Lip Vinyl. Crazy right, it works perfectly with lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and I'm still trying to work out how else I can use this miracle product. I will certainly be buying more once this one finishes but I can honestly say this is a product you should invest in and worth the money. 

Thank you Kiss Cosmetics for being such a lovely team at Olympia, and introducing me to your beauty voodoo. I am officially hooked!


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