For the longest time I have been scoping the Makeup Atelier Paris website, creating wishlists in my notebook and saving images till I can either afford to purchase some products or narrow down exactly what I want. Fortunately I was sent over a few products from their range to try out, I have heard such good things about the brand and I hope this review does the brand justice.
The Makeup Atelier Paris corrector concealer palette has actually got to be the best concealer range I have ever used since I ventured into makeup at the age of  eighteen. Each palette from Makeup Atelier Paris contains five creamy concealers and correctors, that blend so easily into the skin using my beauty blender dupe. The main colours in the palette I use are the darker brown colour for contouring (when attempting that glamorous look) and the lighter two colours to correct and conceal blemishes and old acne scarring that has been there for years or for highlighting. I find using the palette is easier to do with a sponge than with a foundation or concealer brush as the application is much easier. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing the colour range is!
I will always share with you guys, the swatches of makeup I enjoy using. And i cannot wait to share with you in a few weeks the makeup looks I have been creating taking your look from day to night. This eyeshadow palette is so amazing the pictures don't even do it justice, the metallic colours are amazing and if you have a really good eyeshadow primer than you got it going on. These colours last a lifetime and the shimmer within the metallic colours is unreal, totally unreal. I have always been one to prefer my neutral earthy colours when it comes to eye-shadows, because I think that is what best works for me. Gone are the days when I was eighteen and I was playing with purple and blue eyeshadow.
Many of you are aware I suffer with oily/combination skin, but majority of the time it is more oily than anything even those blotting papers don't do me justice, and before I discovered powder I just looked like a sweaty mess. The Makeup Atelier Paris TZone Gel is a mattifying gel primer specifically designed for the TZone area, although it doesn't completely keep shine at bay, it has certainly helped to slow down the secretion of oily residue. I have fallen in love with the gel consistency compared to many other primers that can feel sticky and heavy or cause irritation. Swiftly moving onto the next, I need to really get you guys interested in the Magic Eye Primer!!! Hello genius eye primer that I forgot to use in my swatches. This beauty is heavenly, it keeps the colour on your lids lasting almost all day and the colour literally pops off your face it is that good! Again in a similar consistency like the TZone primer it has a amazing formula that is waterproof and sweatproof. These are certainly two products I will purchase in the near future, I cannot see myself without it.

The Makeup Atelier Paris HD Foundation has got to honestly be my least favourite out of the list of products I was sent. But this is not because it isn't good, only because it isn't really in my shade. The colour I was matched to has more of a red tone (see swatch) whilst I have more of a yellow undertone. So when I use this product it is evident that it doesn't match me as good as it should and needs a lot of work to blend to get it to sit somewhat normal on my skin. By using the foundation alongside lighter concealer is how I managed to work in the colour. Apart from that, the foundation is outstanding- I have never seen or had a foundation that has this much longevity, and I'm sure if I found my exact match my skin would look absolutely flawless. The Pearl Powder (which you can see swatched) is an astonishingly brilliant highlighter powder than I have been obsessed with using on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and cupids bow, and the compliments I have been receiving is unreal. The pearlescent highlighter has a soft smooth texture and just adds extra sparkle to any look. 

Have you heard of Makeup Atelier Paris? Let me know what you think!

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