Everyone and their mum has been speaking about the Vichy Dermablend corrective fluid foundation. Ever since I was invited down to it's launch a few months back (or shall I say last year) I have been using it. 

The Vichy Dermablend has a unique camouflage formula that enables you to conceal and correct blemishes and skin flaws. The formula allows you to create a natural long-lasting finish without it feeling heavy or oxodising instantly. I have personally been using the Vichy Dermablend for more than over three months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed using it as my daily foundation for work. Although I am fond of the foundation and it is easy to apply and blend during the quick routine to get ready and head out for work, it is not something I would wear when I want to feel more glamorous. The two darker shades available from Vichy can also be seen as a little disappointing, as this is not diverse enough for everyone, I was matched to 65- Coffee, which at the time seemed like the right shade, but actually is darker than my own complexion. To fix this issue I mix the foundation with a lighter concealer than my complexion and viola problem solved. 
 The shade coffee is the closest I can opt for before the foundation verges back into fairer skin tones, hopefully Vichy will surprise us with further shades added to the line at some point. If you suffer with oily or combination skin like I do, then you certainly need to carry a powder to ensure you can get rid of that oily residue throughout the day.

The foundation is certainly wearable, doesn't oxidies or cause irritation to the skin which I really like, and it can be build-able to cover blemishes. I only wish there was further shades in the line. 


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