Jotting down my thoughts and seeing my thoughts pop up on the illuminated screen turning into words. A couple of days ago whilst chilling in front of the TV with my friend discussing social media, the bloggersphere and anything else that may be deemed as an internet frenzy. We started to realise, once again we certainly do not fit into this culture of what it is to be a blogger and neither do we mind. We don't mind that we are not interested in the HYPE of products, and even if we have tried it we don't mind saying that something is SH*T. Because this is how we actually think and feel.

For instance....Lets look at the trends all bloggers follow

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
This products has had hundreds and hundreds of reviews, I remember last year being sent a sample of it and after using the ''holy grail'' product which many seem to suggest it is, my skin felt just the same as before. There was no baby smooth softness or any complete rejuvenation of my skin but instead my response to it was.. Meh...Meh because it is just that, a product that I didn't find did anything astonishing to my skin that water does alone and Meh because I am not afraid of noting down my opinions on a product. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Not only does this have a hefty price tag but the Benefit They're Real Mascara again wasn't a product in my opinion that was worth the HYPE. Can we discuss? For some reason the ''they're real mascara'' only makes ''my real lashes'' look as real as before. Resulting in me no longer having to part ways with £16 but instead continue to flaunt my own 'they are real lashes'. 

Rose Gold?
This infatuation with alloy metals that our young generation is terming Rose Gold, is just a short lived re-identification of what copper is. Copper, yes that same rose gold one pence piece every one has in their wallets and purses and can even be found on the streets of London. Rose Gold has become of popular demand, but if only the majority knew that the rose gold wire basket you bought from H&M or Primark isn't actual RG for under a fiver. Rose Gold is much more than the fiver you are spending here and there on home hauls. If it's not actual RG can we please keep it simple and call it Copper.
Not everything has to be jazzed up.

And finally Coffee...
What more can I say about Coffee. I walk the streets to and from work and see teenagers falling into temptation of buying this Mocho-Choco-Frappa shit. And for what? Bloggers and You-tubers are turning young preteens to caffeine addicts, just to be deemed as cool. It is not cool! It is not cool to be jumping on a bandwagon and neither is it cool to have so much cups of coffee.
As someone who suffers with  an anxiety disorder I know that caffeine intake should be limited and if anything hardly touched- to reduce anxiety, think about putting that espresso down and educating yourself on the relation that coffee has with anxiety. Maybe then all these You-tubers and Bloggers wont be so anxious?

Just a thought?

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