Earlier this month an article was written listing all the items of clothing women were told they shouldn't of worn in 2015. So when Simply Be contacted me to discuss the issue of course I had to share this with my readers.

When was it socially acceptable to tell people what they could or could not wear? The media has always had an influence on what is deemed normal and not normal. But why should we succumb to the ignorant opinions of others.
Even Barbie is getting up to date!

Ladies and gentlemen....If someone tells you no, dare to be different, be you be brave and be bold, and say yes I look good in that. We were not born to all dress, act and look the same. Clothes is a form of art, it is an expression of how you feel, how you show your personality or believe in your faith. Be that through skirts, leggings, dresses or anything else that has been suggested we shouldn't wear. 
I grew up in a household where I was allowed to express exactly how I felt through the clothes I wore. From a young age I remember throwing on jeans with skirts or dresses on top, tracksuit bottoms with flip flops and leggings that had all the color of the rainbow on, when someone said or even looked at me in a certain way due to my fashion choice not being up to their standard, I was always reminded by my mum ''but they aren't you''. And that was enough to make me realise I could dress however I wanted. I could push the boundaries if I wanted and I could experiment in what ever way I thought deemed fit. As a teen I went through my fair share of changes, from indie skater girl, to dresses and dolly shoes. I have always remained true to myself and that's exactly what I want everyone else to echo, if you're happy f*ck what anyone else says.

Even today in 2016 I still dress exactly how I want to, my family and friends are very aware of my character, my personality and know I am comfortable being me. Sometimes when I wear plain clothes depending on the situation, I know I will be wearing a pretty funky jacket to let my personality shine through. It just cant be tamed. Another thing I just love is leopard print, so many people think it is trashy but I don't and wear it in anyway I can, even socks if I have to. What is wrong with simply wearing something because you like it? Not because its a fashion trend or statement or because society is telling you its ok. What is wrong with simply throwing on something because you like it. Pure and Simple.
This year I certainly won't be holding back, I want to push my own boundaries, even when society tells me I shouldnt wear something because of my size or it may not compliment my skin colour. I want to go out there and dare to wear what I like. No-one can tell me no but me, it is important for me to be myself and not anybody else. 

My favourite rule to break is wearing trainers, hi tops or running shoes with a girly dress or skirt. I like the contrast of the two styles and I don't even mind if my trainers are a little bit battered or dirty. This is me. And this is how I do.

So if there is something you like and have your eye on, don't be afraid to clash those patterns, mix up those vibrant colours, flats and socks . Flaunt it be you and strut like there is no tomorrow. 

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