Thank You 2015

As we enter the fresh brand new pages of the new year, it is that time of year where people begin to make those resolutions. You start to hear 'new year, new me' which to some, may be irritating as we hear this statement every year, but for me i'm more like ''do you boo boo, do you"! 2015 has got to have been one of the most positive years I have had in a long time. And I'm starting to see why going through those dark times and coming out of them, has made me a stronger, wiser and more forgiving young woman. 

Here are just a few things to why my 2015 has been amazing...

Not only did I leave my hostel in February but I was able to secure my own flat, which was a perfect start to the year. It is such an amazing feeling to feel secure and have somewhere you can finally call home. Many people take for granted basic needs of having a home and somewhere you can feel safe and stable, and really have to remember just how blessed they are.

I moved into permanent work in a field that I love, helping young people achieve and reach their full potential. Coming from a difficult background myself, I want young people to know that nothing can hold you back. And I can not wait to see just what else my job with The Prince's Trust has in store for me.

Blogging has taken a great leap, and the blog has become bigger and better than ever. Not once did I think writing about my life and my mini reviews would allow me to attend press events and connect with brands and pr companies to be a source for a good honest reputable review. 

Of course this year has had it's challenges as well such as being diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and trying to understand/ get to grips on how best to support my new found needs. I've also had many of times that my confidence has hit rock bottom. But it's only at this time of the year I realise, that actually all these difficult moments are learning curves for the future. 

Now after 2015 has finished it's chapter, I have my arms open wide for what 2016 has to bring. Every experience, the good ,the bad and the ugly is something to look forward to, they are the event's that make us human, and keep us grounded. 
The sky is the limit.

Thank you to my best friend in the whole wide world the strongest women I know my mumma who knows me inside and out, who knows my full potential accepts me as I am, believes my flaws are beautiful and never gives up one me. Thank you to my big head best friend who I ADORE, you seem to get me inside and out even with my crazy ass and always know just what I need. Thank you to my beautiful brothers and gorgeous sister for always making me feel a part of something you are all I ever need. And to my boy best-friend my brother, thank you for being that one true friend since school. 

I have never been one to do resolutions but there are a few things I am hoping to embrace
Be more confident.
Be healthier & stronger.
Accept as many opportunities as you can, and make the most of life.
Continue to do you, because you do you so well.

Hello 2016, I am ready for you!

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  1. Really lovely post Lea! Well done for all you've done this year! I'm sure you'll have a great 2016 :D xx

    Christine |


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