Sunday, 13 March 2016


Weleda 'Evening Primrose' is a revitalising age concentrate, a brand new skin firming treatment for mature skin. The 'Evening Primrose' is an all-natural concentrate which energises cell renewal and strengthens the skin. Weleda has always been a brand that I have liked for many, many years now, so I was glad to be able to trial this product and share it with you all.

Unfortunately after testing the 'Evening Primrose' for the first day I found myself not to fond of the product, and couldn't quite put my finger on it. I couldn't become accustomed to the smell, but that wasn't just it. After trying it out for the rest of the week my sensitive skin began to become irritated, and I still don't know why. Unfortunately I wasn't reaping  the benefits of the product but maybe this was due to the product being aimed at older skin.

I passed it onto someone who fitted into the age group and their response was totally different to mine. Not only did they find the 'Evening Primrose' soothing to the skin, the concentrate melted blissfully into the skin, with a pea size amount able to nourish the whole of the face. The main statement that stayed true to me was ''This makes my skin look radiant''. And although it didn't work out well for me. it certainly worked for her. I was super impressed with her confidence in the product, so much so, she has bought the rest of the range to compliment each other. 
Are you a fan of Weleda products?


Wednesday, 9 March 2016


So this post was meant to go up literally months ago, I have since purchased my own set of the Avene trio and it has now become regular products I use in my skincare routine. As many of you know I used to suffer terribly from acne in my teen years and then when I reached adulthood continued to have acne prone skin. Eau Thermale-Avene has developed the Avene kit to outsmart pesky spots and blemishes, with 9 in 10 people agreeing to seeing a noticeable difference of their skin. Dermatologists recommend using the products as a daily routine to help re-balance skin and help eliminate inflammation/ redness, dead skin build up, bacteria and excess oil. 

Since using the kit last year till now I haven't had a break-out since, but I do continue to produce oil- particularly in my t-zone (due to my combination-oily skin type). Neither does it help to reduce old acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation I have developed over the years. But to keep the spots at bay, I really think it comes down to a few things, I try to stick to products that work and distance myself from wanting to try anything and everything. Also cleansing and toning the skin twice a day, works very well for me,  especially after wearing makeup all day, making sure it is removed properly with a good cleansing balm is vital. And then finally moisturising is key!
 The Eau Thermale Avene kit follows those simple steps, Cleanse, Soothe and Moisture. All these products can be bought separately but have been developed into a kit.

Step 1 Cleanse
The Avene Cleansing Gel, gently cleanses skin whilst lifting and removing impurities from blocked pores. It helps to reduce excess sebum and build up, and leaves the skin clean, fresh and smooth. I use the cleanse morning and night even after using a cleansing balm to remove makeup, and I have found the kit compliments all other products I use. After using the cleanser and drying my face- my skin doesn't feel dry or like it has lost any moisture.

Step 2 Soothe
The Avene Thermal Spring Water, soothes irritated skin and adds moisture back into the skin after cleansing. I use the spring water not only after cleansing my skin but before and after makeup to, I find this helps my makeup to last longer throughout the day. 

Step 3 Moisture
The Avene Cleanance Expert, is more than just a moisturiser as it helps to regulate the production of oil and gently exfoliates without stripping the skin. The Cleanance Expert unclogs pores, softens and smooths skin. This is my favourite product in the kit, its oil free and my skin benefits from it so much, and if I'm wearing makeup its the perfect base as it has a mattifying finish. This has certainly been my go to moisturiser that seems to work for my stubborn combination skin type. 

Have you tried Avene products? Let me know your thoughts 


Sunday, 6 March 2016


Friday evening I was invited down to have my first ever experience of Every Hotels in Leicester Square, to celebrate their first birthday. I headed on down to Leicester Square after work, not feeling glamorous whatsoever and met up with Sarah at Liverpool Street station to head to the venue together. We arrived just after 6pm from when the event started and was greeted by the ever so lovely Joanne. She guided us down to the party and told us all there was to know about Every Hotels, the venue is certainly somewhere I would hire out for a birthday bash or a city break away.  We entered the bar with the DJ doing his thing playing jazz/swing covers of popular songs and the free bar which proved popular to many of bloggers. 

The hotel has been refurbished into tiptop condition, not only does it feel funky and fresh but also has a touch of elegance about it. Both myself and Sarah were able to have a quick tour of the hotel before the party went into full swing. The hotel hosts 82 spacious rooms, and although located in the heart of central London right near China Town, you couldn't hear any street noise. I was particularly impressed by the technological elements the hotel consisted of, such as temperature control in all rooms, fastest WiFi in London, free mini bars, smart TVs (with HDMI cables- Netflix at the ready!) a interactive touch screen in the lobby to print and browse the internet. And not to mention Click and collect food service, and of course access to the gym.
Thank you Every Hotels for inviting us bloggers down for the evening to wine and dine and party hard, it was a fabulous experience in which I thoroughly enjoyed. The DJ was on point playing some hit tunes. And the gifts added a personal and unique touch- now I can up my selfie game :) 
I certainly look forward to reviewing this hotel as a guest and not just for partying!
Once again thank you for having us 
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Glorious Mud? Isn't that an oxymoron? Or am I pulling at strings? 
A few weeks ago I was contacted to review the Glorious Mud by Temple Spa, of course I jumped at the chance to review it. For the longest time I have been a big lover of Temple Spa products so whenever there is a new launch or a product I have not yet tried, I become an eager beaver. So for the last few weeks this eager beaver has been lavishing herself with copious amounts of Glorious Mud, creating my own spa in the bathroom (candles burning, lights off, soft towels and bubble baths galore).
So...What is this 'Glorious Mud' I hear you say? 
Glorious Mud by Temple Spa is a detoxing and re-mineralising all over body mud. A deep cleansing treatment which is set to purify, and intensely hydrate the skin leaving the body extra smooth, silky and glowing. This little beauty doesn't only let your skin look and feel good on the outside, but it has helped with relaxing my stiff achy muscles, clear impurities I had been experiencing due to stress and personally I feel has helped with my dry patches (psoriasis). May I add it has not cleared up my patches but has helped to soothe the itchiness and irritation- I wouldn't say this could or would help for everyone but personally for me it has helped calm down my irritation. 

The Glorious Mud has a rich and thick consistency, a little can honestly go a long way, personally I prefer mud masks that are thicker in consistency as I feel they work better and are packed full of minerals that my skin is craving to keep youthful. This glorious product is so versatile I can get small treatments here and there if I need from day to day, for example one day I may end up using it all over the face, on another day only use it for certain areas of my body or even just cover myself from top to toe in this sensual all over mud mask. After using the face/body mask, I find products melt effortlessly into the skin, due to the light exfoliation from the mud which helps creams and lotions to penetrate into the skin with ease. 

This product is not only beautifully packaged as always by Temple Spa but it is literally body therapy and spa treatments in a jar. I can see myself lusting over the product when it is finished, but can tell that wont be for a while, this product can easily last you around three months or even more depending on how often you expect to use it. 
Do I really need to list pros for you, can you not tell I have fallen in love with this jar? Who doesn't want silky smooth skin and a product that is easily versatile?

Spa treatment in a jar
Improves skin texture leaving skin amazingly soft and silky
Detoxifies and exfoliates skin 
Hydrates normal/dry skin
All over body treatment

Personally I do not feel there are any distinctive cons for this product, as I believe Temple Spa are a really good brand and work well to ensure all products are well made and catered for all. Although I do believe at £45 for the Glorious Mud- some may find the price somewhat steep and not easily accessible in their price range. 

Have you tried Temple Spa products? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!


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