Eau Thermale-Avene has developed the Avene kit to outsmart pesky spots and blemishes, with 9 in 10 people agreeing to seeing a noticeable difference of their skin. Dermatologists recommend using the products as a daily routine to help re-balance skin and help eliminate inflammation/ redness, dead skin build up, bacteria and excess oil. 
Since using the kit last year till now I haven't had a break-out since, but I do continue to produce oil- particularly in my t-zone (due to my combination-oily skin type). Neither does it help to reduce old acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation I have developed over the years. But to keep the spots at bay, I really think it comes down to a few things, I try to stick to products that work and distance myself from wanting to try anything and everything. Also cleansing and toning the skin twice a day, works very well for me,  especially after wearing makeup all day, making sure it is removed properly with a good cleansing balm is vital. And then finally moisturising is key!
 The Eau Thermale Avene kit follows those simple steps, Cleanse, Soothe and Moisture. All these products can be bought separately but have been developed into a kit.
Step 1 Cleanse
The Avene Cleansing Gel, gently cleanses skin whilst lifting and removing impurities from blocked pores. It helps to reduce excess sebum and build up, and leaves the skin clean, fresh and smooth. I use the cleanse morning and night even after using a cleansing balm to remove makeup, and I have found the kit compliments all other products I use. After using the cleanser and drying my face- my skin doesn't feel dry or like it has lost any moisture.

Step 2 Soothe
The Avene Thermal Spring Water, soothes irritated skin and adds moisture back into the skin after cleansing. I use the spring water not only after cleansing my skin but before and after makeup to, I find this helps my makeup to last longer throughout the day. 

Step 3 Moisture
The Avene Cleanance Expert, is more than just a moisturiser as it helps to regulate the production of oil and gently exfoliates without stripping the skin. The Cleanance Expert unclogs pores, softens and smooths skin. This is my favourite product in the kit, its oil free and my skin benefits from it so much, and if I'm wearing makeup its the perfect base as it has a mattifying finish. This has certainly been my go to moisturiser that seems to work for my stubborn combination skin type. 

Three simple steps to banish the blemish.

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