Weleda 'Evening Primrose' is a revitalising age concentrate, a brand new skin firming treatment for mature skin. The 'Evening Primrose' is an all-natural concentrate which energises cell renewal and strengthens the skin. Weleda has always been a brand that I have liked for many, many years now, so I was glad to be able to trial this product and share it with you all.

Unfortunately after testing the 'Evening Primrose' for the first day I found myself not to fond of the product, and couldn't quite put my finger on it. I couldn't become accustomed to the smell, but that wasn't just it. After trying it out for the rest of the week my sensitive skin began to become irritated, and I still don't know why. Unfortunately I wasn't reaping  the benefits of the product but maybe this was due to the product being aimed at older skin.

I passed it onto someone who fitted into the age group and their response was totally different to mine. Not only did they find the 'Evening Primrose' soothing to the skin, the concentrate melted blissfully into the skin, with a pea size amount able to nourish the whole of the face. The main statement that stayed true to me was ''This makes my skin look radiant''. And although it didn't work out well for me. it certainly worked for her. I was super impressed with her confidence in the product, so much so, she has bought the rest of the range to compliment each other. 
Are you a fan of Weleda products?


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