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With the good weather gracing us in the UK it was the perfect day for Harley Medical to invite bloggers and vloggers alike down to their clinic in Harley Street to reveal their new skincare range, non-surgical treatments and a chance for us to try a few of them out.

I headed straight to Harley Street from work, and managed somehow to arrive only an hour into the event. I was met by the amazing team at Pegasus and got chit chatting to the lovely Amy (obviously we are best friends)! 

It had been a full on two or so years since I last stepped through the doors to have my final last set of Medical Microdermabrasion. (Please see my first experience in 2013 here or check for it in the search bar, where I wrote about my skincare journey) I was able to get another skin check to see how my skin has changed since my last treatment two years ago.  Luckily my results wasn't too bad, my results showed that my old acne scarring increased my age- other than that my skin seems to be ageing just fine PHEW. The team at Harley Medical was kind as always and was able to chat with me about my skin concerns and how best to improve it, such as keeping hydrated throughout the day. 
Harley Medical- DermaQuest
Harley Medical has launched DermaQuest's advanced skincare range to all of their clinics nationwide. DermaQuest products have been tailored to suit all level of skincare concerns and ensure there is something for each individual. The innovative range by DermaQuest is enriched with botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins to help hydrate and protect the skin ensure it is cared for in the highest of standards. 

DermaQuest consists of a few different collections:
The Essentials Collection formulated for all skin types to nourish, protect and balance the skin.
Peptide Vitality Collection formulated for ageing skin.
DermaClear Collection formulated to combat different stages of acne.
SkinBrite Collection formulated to banish dark spots, under-eye circles and hyper-pigmentation.
Sensitized Collection specifically formulated to care for sensitive skin.

The new range comes at the same time as Harley Medical introducing the new range of treatments available at the clinic. 
  • DermaClear Salicylic Peel £125 for 45 minutes to treat inflammation, acne and soothe breakouts.
  • DermaClear Modified Jessner Peel £150 for 45 minutes, used to actively treat symptoms and precursors of acne to eliminate future breakouts.
  • Peptide Vitality TCA Peel £195 60 minutes ideal for aging concerns, helps to fill in lines and wrinkles.
  • Peptide Vitality Power Peptide Resurfacer £99 for 60 minutes helps to accelerate the shedding of dead skin to aid age management.
  • Power Pumpkin Resurfacer £99 for 60 minutes an advanced resurfacing treatment using pumpkin pulp to aid age management. 
  • SkinBrite Peel £140 for 45 minutes to help battle sun damage, inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.
Prior to the event I had been comfortably using Harley Medical's old skincare range, and was always a fangirl of their 'Gentle Cleanser' and their 'Replenishing Exfoliator'. So I am looking forward to trying out DermaQuest and sharing with you all exactly what I think. Thank you Harley Medical for gifting some products from the Essentials range.
Harley Medical- I Lipo (Xcell)
Many of you know I have been on a healthy lifestyle journey that had to be put on hold due to health complications and needing to control other aspects of my life. This year I was able to start back on my journey and lost two pounds in four weeks which is good for someone with a thyroid condition. Whilst at the Harley Medical event I was able to put my name down to experience I-Lipo treatment. 

What is I-Lipo I hear many of you saying... I-Lipo is a clinically proven, pain free, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that aids in fat reduction, body shaping, cellulite improvement and skin tightening. The treatment works by going through three stages that lasts up to 45 minutes per session. The first stage targets fat cells, the second is a lymphatic massage to move fat cells to lymphatic drainage points  and the third stage stimulates the cells to boost collagen to tighten skin. To ensure best results a course of eight treatments is recommended but it is all dependent on the person and the target area you are trying to address. 

My Experience
I was taken downstairs in the clinic with one of Harley Medical's wonderful staff (I wish I could remember her name because we had a right old chinwag and she was so so kind). I went through normal routine of filling out forms and talking about my medical history. Prior to the treatment my waist measurements was taken down- as I was focusing my treatment on my stomach (my sworn enemy). I was then asked to pop onto the bed and given some sexy goggles and step 1 commenced. 

Step 1: Target and Empty Fat Cells
In every persons body regardless of what you weigh, there are fat cells that roam aimlessly around the body. Step 1 uses laser therapy to break down fat molecules so the body can use as energy and so that it can be sweated out. Weirdly I found this part pretty relaxing and during the procedure was happy conversating with the nurse. Sticky pads were placed around my stomach and the closest point to my lymph node (which was my groin), the laser warms up and starts to break down fat molecules.
Step 2: Lymphatic Massage
This isn't a normal massage, a vacuum tool is then used to encourage the release of fatty cells and toxins, and are influenced to move towards the lymphatic drainage points in the body (mine being my groin). This can be a little uncomfortable at times due to the repetitiveness but wasn't as bad as the nurse had first suggested. Apparently I was a trooper. Many can experience some bruising after the treatment which should fade within a week (luckily I was fortunate enough not to experience any bruising but slight tenderness). 
Step 3: Stimulate Fibroblasts and Boost Collagen
The last step uses radio therapy technology to stimulate blood circulation to support the breakdown of lipids, and collagen to tighten skin cells and tone the body. By this stage I had thoroughly enjoyed my experience of I Lipo and it was made even better with the staff that I had.

During the mid point of the treatment my measurements was taken again and I lost 3 cm off my stomach. Is this even real I thought- but trust me it was. The nurse gave me an after care leaflet and it  suggests to get an hour of exercise in to reap the full benefits of I Lipo, so that is exactly what I did. 
A week on from the treatment I lost a further two pounds in two weeks and four pounds within six weeks, which I couldn't have been more thrilled with.
You can find more before and after pictures over on the Harley Medical website here, below shows the effect I Lipo can have on completion of eight treatments. Results can differ from person to person, but after my experience is definitely something I am considering doing again when my finances look a tad bit healthier. 

(Note- this picture below is not me haha)
Thank you again Pegasus and Harley Medical for inviting me down to learn about the new ranges, and personally having my own experience of I Lipo.
(Image sourced from Pegasus)


Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Firstly I am sure we all know each other here, this little space on the internet where I share my jumbled thoughts. So I am sure we are all familiar with the brand Temple Spa (TS), if you're not let me give you a bit of background information... For the past few years (a little over three now) I have religiously been using products from Temple Spa, my skin is different on every area of my body, so there is only a few skincare products that seem to work for me. My body comes under the normal skin type category but I have always suffered with psoriasis which can make things difficult, and my face is technically acne prone-combination/oily but even then I suffer with dry patches- so you can see my frustration.

Thus when I was introduced to a few TS products that worked really well I couldn't get enough of the brand, and now I love their products. Recently I have been trying their deep cleansing melt to remove impurities, blackheads and makeup whilst locking in moisture. Let me just say, firstly this product is specifically for those with a dry/dehydrated skin type (which I am not) but I still did reap some of the benefits from this product. 
The cleansing balm is a self contained facial in a jar, combined with gentle exfoliating beads and enriched vitamin complex ingredients to ensure deep cleansing. The cleansing melt gets to work as soon as it touches the surface of the skin and penetrates deep down into the layers of the skin in order to remove dirt and unclog pores, whilst maintaining a high level of moisture not stripping the skin of its natural oils. TS leaves skin feeling dewy and nourished ensuring that you have a natural glow.
Although as mentioned before my skin type is a little in-between categories, I found that in areas that I experience oily residue, such as my Tzone the cleansing balm would leave me overly moisturised. But using the balm on my dry patches, it has worked wonders. They have got smaller in size and are less irritable so easier for me to deal with. (I bet you can imagine my night routine uses a lot of products to get the right combination hehe, well I have a post coming soon based on my night routine). I am particularly fond of the cleansing balm as it has fit in easily with my routine and I know this little jar is going to last me for ever because you only need a pea sized amount, but use it quick as it literally just melts in your hands. 
If you suffer with dry/dehydrated skin this is definitely a product made for you, if you have a skin type more like mine then I would suggest keeping an eye out for my next beauty post! Just kidding- I use the cleansing melt most nights to ensure my skin stays in a good routine, but tend not to use it in the morning. To me this product is more of a luxurious pamper evening product and is perfect just before you go to bed, to restore, smooth/soften and lock in moisture so you are ready for the next day.

This is certainly a product I will hold onto, and one I would recommend if your searching for a luxury skincare product that not only feels like a facial but a good old pamper session too!

W: Temple Spa

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