Firstly I am sure we all know each other here, this little space on the internet where I share my jumbled thoughts. So I am sure we are all familiar with the brand Temple Spa (TS), if you're not let me give you a bit of background information... For the past few years (a little over three now) I have religiously been using products from Temple Spa, my skin is different on every area of my body, so there is only a few skincare products that seem to work for me. My body comes under the normal skin type category but I have always suffered with psoriasis which can make things difficult, and my face is technically acne prone-combination/oily but even then I suffer with dry patches- so you can see my frustration.

Thus when I was introduced to a few TS products that worked really well I couldn't get enough of the brand, and now I love their products. Recently I have been trying their deep cleansing melt to remove impurities, blackheads and makeup whilst locking in moisture. Let me just say, firstly this product is specifically for those with a dry/dehydrated skin type (which I am not) but I still did reap some of the benefits from this product. 
The cleansing balm is a self contained facial in a jar, combined with gentle exfoliating beads and enriched vitamin complex ingredients to ensure deep cleansing. The cleansing melt gets to work as soon as it touches the surface of the skin and penetrates deep down into the layers of the skin in order to remove dirt and unclog pores, whilst maintaining a high level of moisture not stripping the skin of its natural oils. TS leaves skin feeling dewy and nourished ensuring that you have a natural glow.
Although as mentioned before my skin type is a little in-between categories, I found that in areas that I experience oily residue, such as my Tzone the cleansing balm would leave me overly moisturised. But using the balm on my dry patches, it has worked wonders. They have got smaller in size and are less irritable so easier for me to deal with. (I bet you can imagine my night routine uses a lot of products to get the right combination hehe, well I have a post coming soon based on my night routine). I am particularly fond of the cleansing balm as it has fit in easily with my routine and I know this little jar is going to last me for ever because you only need a pea sized amount, but use it quick as it literally just melts in your hands. 
If you suffer with dry/dehydrated skin this is definitely a product made for you, if you have a skin type more like mine then I would suggest keeping an eye out for my next beauty post! Just kidding- I use the cleansing melt most nights to ensure my skin stays in a good routine, but tend not to use it in the morning. To me this product is more of a luxurious pamper evening product and is perfect just before you go to bed, to restore, smooth/soften and lock in moisture so you are ready for the next day.

This is certainly a product I will hold onto, and one I would recommend if your searching for a luxury skincare product that not only feels like a facial but a good old pamper session too!

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