We are all familiar with the brand Temple Spa (TS)*, if you're not let me give you a bit of background information... For the past few years, Temple Spa has been a brand that many love and adore. Including myself, it is a luxurious skincare brand that caters for all.
Temple Spa products work really well for all skin types, even if you suffer with sensitive problematic skin and psoriasis like me. 
Sincerely Shug was sent over their cleansing melt for review, and although already a fan of the brand there was not much coverage over the cleansing melt. The deep cleansing melt is said to remove impurities, blackheads and makeup whilst locking in moisture and said to be specifically work best for those with a dry/dehydrated skin type (which I am not) but I still did reap some of the benefits from this product. 
The cleansing balm is a self contained facial in a jar, combined with gentle exfoliating beads and enriched vitamin complex ingredients to ensure deep cleansing. The cleansing melt gets to work as soon as it touches the surface of the skin and penetrates deep down into the layers of the skin in order to remove dirt and unclog pores, whilst maintaining a high level of moisture not stripping the skin of its natural oils. TS leaves skin feeling dewy and nourished ensuring that you have a natural glow.
Even with a skin type that verges on combination/oily this little beauty seems to know a trick or two to support the most complicated skin types. Even in areas that I have the most residue, such as my Tzone the cleansing balm is able to hydrate and cleanse without additional shine or residue. Psoriasis patches have reduced in size however still needs that extra work- but the cleansing melt does support in soothing skin. 
If you suffer with dry/dehydrated skin this is definitely a product made for you, if you have a skin type that verges more on the combination/oily spectrum this is also beneficial- but would suggest not using this daily. The cleansing melt easily adapts into your evening skincare routine and is perfect just before you go to bed, to restore, smooth/soften and lock in moisture so you are ready for the next day.
This is certainly a product that is worth while. Recommend if your searching for a luxury skincare product that not only feels like a facial but a good old pamper session too!

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