Sunday, 26 June 2016


And of course the lovely Scarlett has pulled it off again. This time with the ever exciting and well anticipated #BloggersBall! Bloggers and Vloggers alike have been eagerly awaiting for this day and it finally arrived, trekking down to Piccadilly Circus I met with Sarah from SRFTaylor and Mariah from StarlaSays. We bobbed and weaved through tourist crowds and the few street performers trying to catch our attention and reached our final destination, DSTRKT.
The bloggers ball commenced at 2pm and was expected to finish at around 4:30, it was held in the swanky lounge and restaurant area of DSTRKT. The venue was modern and refreshing with the restaurant area holding majority of the stalls and brands. (the more vibrant and lively of the two sides) whilst the lounge had a more relaxed, cool and collected vibe giving a chance for us all to bask amongst the ambience. It was a lovely opportunity as always to meet new bloggers and brands, and have a well deserved catch up with friends. 
The afternoon was full to the brim of bloggers and brands, as soon as 2pm hit the brands was ready and waiting to talk to us all without breaks. Brands such as Exuvience, Vatika, Chin Up, So...? and Bravura came out to play for the day, as well as many many more. 

By 3pm my mouth began to get dry from all the talking, legs started to wobble and we needed a good old rest in the lounge (not to mention our bags started to weigh us down too). After having a few drinks at the bar and a final mooch around networking and handing out business cards we was all ready to hit the hay. 

Thank you Scarlett for the invite and I look forward to the next one!


Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Oh how I have missed doing posts like this, I honestly don't think I have written a battle post for over two years now. Everyone who reads my blog knows that I am a huge massive fan of Temple Spa, but I promise you this post is not going to be in any way, shape or form biased. 

So what is this all about..? After I meeted and greeted Mr Postman I unwrapped the package like it was Christmas morning all over again, and there hidden amongst the bubble wrap was the Kneipp: Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath Oil and the other tucked under the tissue paper and courtesy card was my bae Temple Spa: In Good Spirits- Energising Bathing & Massage Oil. Seeing both of these products lying on my bed was giving me plenty of excuses to do nothing and relax in countless amounts of baths with bubbles, candles and netflix. And that's just what I did! What? I wanted to make sure you guys had a nicely reviewed post of the two products, this is definitely not me rubbing it in your faces that I was able to pamper nearly every other day in the last two weeks. :)
So what do we know about the brand Kneipp?
Kneipp are a high quality medicinal product and nutritional supplement brand. The brand also dabbles in body care and bath products such as the Rescue Bath- joint and muscle oil.

What they say about the product?
The herbal bath oil is said to be specifically used after physical activities in order to relieve joints and muscles. Kneipp oil is infused with active ingredients such as arnica blossom and aroma intensive essential pine oils. these active ingredients help to calm joints and destress muscles from aches and pains. The whole body can benefit from its revitalising and soothing effects as well as leaving skin moisturised and soft.

How much does it cost?
The product can be bought for £9.95 from online stores such as or

My experience of using the product?
Of course I had to let you all in on what I thought of the product, otherwise it wouldn't really be a battle now would it. If you are looking for some bath time healing, massage therapy, or something to soothe the ache and pains of the body then this little beauty is a miracle in a bottle.  I don't know why but I am subject to many strains and cramps in my legs, so I first started using the oil to massage the muscles to get rid of the cramps. When I first started to use it in this way I thought it was lovely and the scent made it easy for me to fall asleep....But boy was I wrong, the best way to use the Kneipp body oil is in the bath before bed, when you are looking to wind down after a long day at work! This has helped with my restless nights and although it is specifically for muscle and joints its perfect for every single part of the body, and helps me to fall into an easy sleep. 
Overall what can I say? The price is amazing and the product even more so... It's a no brainer 10/10
Temple Spa
So what do we know about the brand Temple Spa?
Temple Spa is a brand recognised worldwide, in spas and stores around the globe. They specialise in luxurious skincare, body and bath products, giving you that spa feeling in the comfort of your own home.

What they say about the product?
In Good Spirits is an energising bathing and massage oil infused with over 30 Mediterranean essential oils including mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, ginger and peppermint, that works together to restore hydration levels to the skin and elevate your mood.

How much does it cost?
Temple Spa In good Spirits bath oil can be bought for £24.00 from their own website

My experience of using the product?
This product right here is certainly a treat, I love the smell and love how fresh it makes me feel after I get out the bath, but I'm not sure I would say I'm energised from it.
The brand suggests it raises energy levels, I do find myself feeling fresh, hydrated and 'in good spirits' in particularly for my mood. But I do prefer to use the bath oil as a treat for relaxing or pretending I am having a spa day. Although £24 is not the most expensive financially, being the frugal little buyer that I am, I do prefer products that are a little more affordable. Me and bae have had a long relationship and so far I have yet to find a product that I do not like. When using the In good spirits oil, I could stay in the bath honestly all day imaging that I am a mermaid.
Overall... Although I do feel like a mermaid in the bath tub, and fresh to death when I jump out into my towel, it certainly would be a 10/10 if it was a little bit more accessible to everyone. So for that it's gotta get a 9.5/10
The Winner? KNEIPP
Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath Oil, I have to be honest it was fairly close to make a decision. And as much as I would like to indulge in luxurious products and remain loyal to bae, Temple Spa is not easily financially accessible all the time, and the Kneipp bath oil is just as good. Luxurious product at affordable prices.


Sunday, 12 June 2016


Yesterday myself and the bestie, headed down to the Field Day Festival at Victoria Park. Field Day is a yearly weekend music festival  hosted in the borough of Tower Hamlets. We headed down on the Saturday to see some of our favourite artists such as Little Simz, Mabel, Kelela, Mura Masa, James Blake and Nao!!!! But the list goes on and on. 
Check some of the artists here.

Jumping in a car with Addison Lee as I had a discount code for the day and a specific drop off point for all us festival goers, we was more than ready to get well and truly involved with all the festival shenanigans. The day and evening was horribly muggy and humid but that didn't stop us from getting really excited when we could hear the bass from the outside, Even though we was so close to the venue, it took us and many others ages to find the actual entrance....*due to no signs or arrows to signpost us* but alas after walking round and round we finally found the entrance! Bags searched, and tickets scanned we had made it.

We walked all around the festival to get our barrings, who really wants to read a map at a festival? Not me! As always we found the food court and seating area first and made sure we had a proper look at what we could be tucking into later in the day. There was so many food stalls and trucks scattered across the field, we was so spoilt for choice- sushi, Indian, Chinese, American, Caribbean, basically anything and everything you could have wanted.
A few of my favourite songs that I listen to on the daily I was able to experience live, and it was GREAT.
Mura Masa: FireFly
James Blake: I Need A Forest Fire
Can we just take a moment though.... I literally had the chance to see Mura Masa and Nao live. Hold on... one more minute- im still gassed, it was lit. And James Blake left me in a trance no joke. I will defo be heading back up to Field Day next year considering how good it was this year (minus the prick idiot who kept annoying all the girls with his drunkness and stank attitude throwing his weight around). If you can't handle your drink, then please don't drink until your mature enough, or stay home thanks :)
The night ended as everyone rustled up to the main stage to see the phenomenal James Blake, and his hypnotizing voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, the atmosphere, food and tunes.... And of course how can I not mention the mud and the pouring rain! I love the whole vibe that a festival entails and it wouldn't be a proper festival without getting muddy and wet from the rain.
Until next year Field Day <3

Photos Courtesy of my bestie @ SRFtaylor

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Writing posts about foundation, is probably one of my favourite things to do whilst blogging. We are all so aware of the lack of diversity amongst foundations in our everyday high-street stores, so when it comes to looking for a foundation that embodies your true colour you know its a keeper. If you are like me, than many of you probably started your make-up journey in the same stores as every other girl, hitting up MAC was the ''IN'' thing and only then did you start to broaden your search for the perfect foundation. For those who are looking for a foundation reference, I wear MAC NC55 or NC50 Studio fix fluid depending on whether we are in winter or summer.

I was kindly sent over two samples to try from Oxygenetix, by using the same MAC reference you are all familiar with they popped two shades in the post for me, ''Honey'' and ''Coco''. So I was excited to give them a whirl, and see if they was anywhere near providing me a perfect match. I have heard nothing but good reviews about the coverage, longevity and colour match. Another reason I really wanted to give Oxygenetix foundations a try is because of their breathable formula and their wide range of shades, as well as the foundation being suitable for acne sufferers. 
First: Honey | Second: Coco
Oxygenetix foundation is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin and of course acne prone blemish skin. The brand has two formulas for their foundation, and the one I was particularly interested in was the Acne Control version. This formula by Oxygenetix is infused with 2% salicylic acid which helps to calm acne build up and calm/sooth the skin as well as improve the appearance of the skins complexion. This percentage of salicylic acid was completely what sold it to me and I had never heard of another brand that had this unique selling point. 

The first time I tested out the foundation it was apparent even before doing a proper swatch, or test patch on my face that Coco was going to be way too dark for me. Whilst Honey was a better match (and the swatch blended perfectly on my arm) due to my face being slightly darker than my body, it came across slightly light and needed buffing into the skin. A few times I tried mixing both of the shades with other concealers and foundations I own to try and create the perfect colour. Neither foundation was technically the perfect match for my skin tone, Honey being a little lighter than what I needed (so a shade down close to honey would be perfect) and Coco was completely off being darker and more red toned. 

I have been using the foundation and trying it out in different ways for around three/four weeks now, as I wanted to make sure I could get an accurate representation of the foundation, my expectations and the reality of it. I wanted to ensure I could find the best ways that worked for me. For application I  tried the recommended way of applying the foundation by using my fingertips then by using a blending sponge. But after a while I found that simply using a foundation brush worked very well with application, ensuring I didn't have too much formula and not all the formula was being wasted (by being sucked up by the sponge).
Foundation first attempt blending
Second attempt at blending and set with translucent powder
The foundation itself has amazing longevity, as you are all aware I suffer from really bad oily skin amongst my t-zone. And this causes problems regardless of what foundation I use, and I find I have to blot and powder a couple of times within the day. But I can honestly say that this foundation does not slip or slide or go patchy within a few hours, even in some of the hot weather we have been experiencing in London this little beauty keeps my face looking somewhat put together. The oxygenetix foundation in my opinion is medium coverage that can be build-able, but I do wish it had more of a fuller coverage as that's just personally how I prefer to have my foundations, as I like to cover up my deep acne scars and blemishes. But my gosh it certainly is breathable- I'm not sure if that comes hand in hand with it being medium coverage, and potentially if the coverage was fuller the breathable factor may disappear. But when wearing this foundation through the day, I know its on my face of course but it doesn't feel heavy like some that I have experienced before. And for an added bonus point the acne control science behind the foundation is a godsend, I have not reacted at all from this little product, all I need to do now is find the perfect shade! <3


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Hey guys, so you are probably wondering where have I been, why have my blog posts been so sparse? Where are the reviews, beauty posts, and lifestyle journals??? But I am back now ready to answer all those questions!

After going into full time work last year and living really far I am up from 6am till 7pm, then once I get in from my job, I would go straight into my studies for uni (yes I am still studying my degree and I'm loving it). So by the time it would hit 10pm I would hit the hay as my body gets super tired.  Now uni is done for the year I am now ready to put more effort into my blog and not just blog, as and when I have time to spare. Although blogging is something I love it is still my hobby and other areas of my life come first, but boy have I missed it! 

My fourth year of uni really took its tole on me, and kept me up late into the nights with worry and stress over essays and assignments, I would fall behind schedule regardless of being a super organised person, and found myself sleeping when trying to study. It was a very hectic year, but somehow two weeks ago I managed to get my final assignment of the year in on time, done and dusted. So fingers crossed when the results come out I pass this year...

As many of you know, I cannot speak much about work due to confidentiality, but it has been going well and I can see myself flourishing more and more as the days go on. I am starting to see myself fall into a solid routine, up to date with all the knowledge and I am beginning to become the person people come to when they need vital information. No longer am I a newbie in the workplace. And I cant wait to see what the next steps and experience in the role brings me. Sorry to be so vague but in short I am happy with my job.

 With both of these areas of my life having its own deadlines, pressures and my own expectations on how things should be done, I would be lying to you all if I said it has all been a walk in the park. I have had very difficult times in the past few months- particularly struggling with my BPD and generally my self esteem and how I see myself. They have led me into episodes of darkness in which I felt I couldn't get out of, but with therapy and having a good network and team around me it helped me climb out of that hole. I am now feeling a lot stronger and stable at present but cannot tell you how much I appreciate my job and how understanding they have been, my best friend for always being my rock and my family of course. 

So here we are, June 1st 2016 feeling ready to go. Half way into the year, still open to what life has in store for me and where my yellow brick road will take me next. 

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