Oh how I have missed doing posts like this, I honestly don't think I have written a battle post for over two years now. Everyone who reads my blog knows that I am a huge massive fan of Temple Spa, but I promise you this post is not going to be in any way, shape or form biased. 

So what is this all about..? After I meeted and greeted Mr Postman I unwrapped the package like it was Christmas morning all over again, and there hidden amongst the bubble wrap was the Kneipp: Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath Oil and the other tucked under the tissue paper and courtesy card was my bae Temple Spa: In Good Spirits- Energising Bathing & Massage Oil. Seeing both of these products lying on my bed was giving me plenty of excuses to do nothing and relax in countless amounts of baths with bubbles, candles and netflix. And that's just what I did! What? I wanted to make sure you guys had a nicely reviewed post of the two products, this is definitely not me rubbing it in your faces that I was able to pamper nearly every other day in the last two weeks. :)
So what do we know about the brand Kneipp?
Kneipp are a high quality medicinal product and nutritional supplement brand. The brand also dabbles in body care and bath products such as the Rescue Bath- joint and muscle oil.

What they say about the product?
The herbal bath oil is said to be specifically used after physical activities in order to relieve joints and muscles. Kneipp oil is infused with active ingredients such as arnica blossom and aroma intensive essential pine oils. these active ingredients help to calm joints and destress muscles from aches and pains. The whole body can benefit from its revitalising and soothing effects as well as leaving skin moisturised and soft.

How much does it cost?
The product can be bought for £9.95 from online stores such as or

My experience of using the product?
Of course I had to let you all in on what I thought of the product, otherwise it wouldn't really be a battle now would it. If you are looking for some bath time healing, massage therapy, or something to soothe the ache and pains of the body then this little beauty is a miracle in a bottle.  I don't know why but I am subject to many strains and cramps in my legs, so I first started using the oil to massage the muscles to get rid of the cramps. When I first started to use it in this way I thought it was lovely and the scent made it easy for me to fall asleep....But boy was I wrong, the best way to use the Kneipp body oil is in the bath before bed, when you are looking to wind down after a long day at work! This has helped with my restless nights and although it is specifically for muscle and joints its perfect for every single part of the body, and helps me to fall into an easy sleep. 
Overall what can I say? The price is amazing and the product even more so... It's a no brainer 10/10
Temple Spa
So what do we know about the brand Temple Spa?
Temple Spa is a brand recognised worldwide, in spas and stores around the globe. They specialise in luxurious skincare, body and bath products, giving you that spa feeling in the comfort of your own home.

What they say about the product?
In Good Spirits is an energising bathing and massage oil infused with over 30 Mediterranean essential oils including mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, ginger and peppermint, that works together to restore hydration levels to the skin and elevate your mood.

How much does it cost?
Temple Spa In good Spirits bath oil can be bought for £24.00 from their own website

My experience of using the product?
This product right here is certainly a treat, I love the smell and love how fresh it makes me feel after I get out the bath, but I'm not sure I would say I'm energised from it.
The brand suggests it raises energy levels, I do find myself feeling fresh, hydrated and 'in good spirits' in particularly for my mood. But I do prefer to use the bath oil as a treat for relaxing or pretending I am having a spa day. Although £24 is not the most expensive financially, being the frugal little buyer that I am, I do prefer products that are a little more affordable. Me and bae have had a long relationship and so far I have yet to find a product that I do not like. When using the In good spirits oil, I could stay in the bath honestly all day imaging that I am a mermaid.
Overall... Although I do feel like a mermaid in the bath tub, and fresh to death when I jump out into my towel, it certainly would be a 10/10 if it was a little bit more accessible to everyone. So for that it's gotta get a 9.5/10
The Winner? KNEIPP
Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath Oil, I have to be honest it was fairly close to make a decision. And as much as I would like to indulge in luxurious products and remain loyal to bae, Temple Spa is not easily financially accessible all the time, and the Kneipp bath oil is just as good. Luxurious product at affordable prices.


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