Yesterday myself and the bestie, headed down to the Field Day Festival at Victoria Park. Field Day is a yearly weekend music festival  hosted in the borough of Tower Hamlets. We headed down on the Saturday to see some of our favourite artists such as Little Simz, Mabel, Kelela, Mura Masa, James Blake and Nao!!!! But the list goes on and on. 
Check some of the artists here.

Jumping in a car with Addison Lee as I had a discount code for the day and a specific drop off point for all us festival goers, we was more than ready to get well and truly involved with all the festival shenanigans. The day and evening was horribly muggy and humid but that didn't stop us from getting really excited when we could hear the bass from the outside, Even though we was so close to the venue, it took us and many others ages to find the actual entrance....*due to no signs or arrows to signpost us* but alas after walking round and round we finally found the entrance! Bags searched, and tickets scanned we had made it.

We walked all around the festival to get our barrings, who really wants to read a map at a festival? Not me! As always we found the food court and seating area first and made sure we had a proper look at what we could be tucking into later in the day. There was so many food stalls and trucks scattered across the field, we was so spoilt for choice- sushi, Indian, Chinese, American, Caribbean, basically anything and everything you could have wanted.
A few of my favourite songs that I listen to on the daily I was able to experience live, and it was GREAT.
Mura Masa: FireFly
James Blake: I Need A Forest Fire
Can we just take a moment though.... I literally had the chance to see Mura Masa and Nao live. Hold on... one more minute- im still gassed, it was lit. And James Blake left me in a trance no joke. I will defo be heading back up to Field Day next year considering how good it was this year (minus the prick idiot who kept annoying all the girls with his drunkness and stank attitude throwing his weight around). If you can't handle your drink, then please don't drink until your mature enough, or stay home thanks :)
The night ended as everyone rustled up to the main stage to see the phenomenal James Blake, and his hypnotizing voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, the atmosphere, food and tunes.... And of course how can I not mention the mud and the pouring rain! I love the whole vibe that a festival entails and it wouldn't be a proper festival without getting muddy and wet from the rain.
Until next year Field Day <3

Photos Courtesy of my bestie @ SRFtaylor

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