Hey guys, so you are probably wondering where have I been, why have my blog posts been so sparse? Where are the reviews, beauty posts, and lifestyle journals??? But I am back now ready to answer all those questions!

After going into full time work last year and living really far I am up from 6am till 7pm, then once I get in from my job, I would go straight into my studies for uni (yes I am still studying my degree and I'm loving it). So by the time it would hit 10pm I would hit the hay as my body gets super tired.  Now uni is done for the year I am now ready to put more effort into my blog and not just blog, as and when I have time to spare. Although blogging is something I love it is still my hobby and other areas of my life come first, but boy have I missed it! 

My fourth year of uni really took its tole on me, and kept me up late into the nights with worry and stress over essays and assignments, I would fall behind schedule regardless of being a super organised person, and found myself sleeping when trying to study. It was a very hectic year, but somehow two weeks ago I managed to get my final assignment of the year in on time, done and dusted. So fingers crossed when the results come out I pass this year...

As many of you know, I cannot speak much about work due to confidentiality, but it has been going well and I can see myself flourishing more and more as the days go on. I am starting to see myself fall into a solid routine, up to date with all the knowledge and I am beginning to become the person people come to when they need vital information. No longer am I a newbie in the workplace. And I cant wait to see what the next steps and experience in the role brings me. Sorry to be so vague but in short I am happy with my job.

 With both of these areas of my life having its own deadlines, pressures and my own expectations on how things should be done, I would be lying to you all if I said it has all been a walk in the park. I have had very difficult times in the past few months- particularly struggling with my BPD and generally my self esteem and how I see myself. They have led me into episodes of darkness in which I felt I couldn't get out of, but with therapy and having a good network and team around me it helped me climb out of that hole. I am now feeling a lot stronger and stable at present but cannot tell you how much I appreciate my job and how understanding they have been, my best friend for always being my rock and my family of course. 

So here we are, June 1st 2016 feeling ready to go. Half way into the year, still open to what life has in store for me and where my yellow brick road will take me next. 


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