2016. We have embarked into the 21st Century and in this generation it is hard to define what dating is. In 2016 what exactly is a date to us millenials and are we even seeking love and companionship anymore? In an era of social media and where humans are more interested of becoming Instagram famous what has happened to good old fashioned dating- or have we just lost touch of being human.

Urban Dictionary top search defines dating as ''two people who are attracted to each other, spend time together to see if they can stand to be around each other most of the time...' But surely dating has to be defined as more than just attraction and seeing if you can stand to be around someone. Obviously Urban Dictionary isn't something I would use to find all definitions- but considering young people of this generation use the site it is interesting to see what many believe dating is.
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What exactly is a date? And what has happened to old school dating etiquette. The 1950's driving to go see a movie and being back home by a decent time. Or even the early 2000s hanging out together at the park eating ice-cream or finding amusement down at the arcade just to be in each other's company? 2016? What exactly is a date in 2016, and I'm not talking about going to get a ''cheeky Nandos''. Nor am I talking about having your date broadcasted on snapchat for your fans. 

What has happened to good old companionship and just being comfortable with someone. Learning each others likes and dislikes and quirks.  What is wrong with a movie and popcorn or baking together, ordering a takeaway. Sounds like a pretty chill day right?!? Lets have an open discussion... When has it become socially acceptable for people to assume dating just means one night stands or a fling. Can we remember that as humans- even robotic humans have feelings. 

This ideation that humans have become accustomed to having just sex and no relations is a crazy concept. Are we losing some of our are emotional intelligence? Are the characteristics of the generations changing, where its deemed cool to sleep with someone without knowing their name. As depressing as this all sounds, it would be nice to think that this is just a choice of free will and the younger generation do still have morals.  

So why don't we start over, and change our mindsets when we think of dating/dating etiquette. A chance to get to know one another, share common interests and learn from each other. Open up a space where we display common decency, manners and politeness. Talking about interests we share, and values we may hold. Getting to know each other intellectually before physically. A date doesn't need to be fancy nor extravagant. It's the little things that count right?

Can we have a little bit of what the older generation had. Without constant interruptions of ping noises from iPhones, and paying attention to what's right in front of you.

Let's try and do it old-school, starting out as friends could turn into something more. These times relationships don't last five minutes and it's sad that our generation is so lost within this society. Maybe for once the older generation know something we don't know. 

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