What exactly is a date? The 1950's driving to go see a movie and being back home by 11? Or the 2000s hanging out together at the park eating ice-cream or down the arcade just to be in each other's company.

2016? What exactly is a date in 2016, and I'm not talking about going to get a cheeky nandos. Nor am I talking about having your date broadcasted on snapchat for your love news reports.

I've always been a girl who likes creature comforts, so a perfect date for me would be to come over, watch some movies, bake cakes together and order a takeaway. Pretty chill day right?!? Or that's what I thought.

But I want to open up a question, this is for everyone reading this right now. When has it become acceptable for people to assume going to someone's house means having sex? Where and how was you raised to assume that? To expect something that has not been offered?

Now your all probably wondering how I know this. Well this was me a couple of months ago.... And after this "date" finished, without getting what they had expected, I haven't heard from the person since. 

Which made me think about the actual characteristics of people. And let's not forget after five months speaking you still didn't know my name or could get it right.

As we all do, we sit with our friends and discuss things that have happened, and then I thought this definitely should be a blog post.

The things is I know polite people exist, but it comes to a point where I wonder how can you put on a pretence just to get in a bed? Or get your **** wet? And it comes down to self esteem and morals no?

So let's start over. When I think about first dates, I think personally it is about getting to know one another, our likes and our dislikes. What I hope for from a person is common decency, manners and politeness. Talking about interests we share, and values we may hold. You know getting to know each other intellectually before physically.

A date doesn't need to be fancy nor extravagant. It's the little things that count right?
So I think what I'm trying to say is first dates should be fun and chill without any hidden expectations or persuasions.

Can we have a little bit of what the older generation had. Without constant interruptions of ping noises from your iPhone and paying attention to what's right in front of you.

Let's try and do it old-school, and maybe starting out as friends could turn into something more. These times relationships don't last five minutes and it's sad that our generation is so lost within this society. I think the older generation know something we don't know.  Maybe we can all learn something from them.


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