I read so many do's and don'ts on the internet and never ever know what to listen to. Most of the time, I read them and start to get bored with all these different approaches to makeup and beauty. So I thought i'll share with you guys a few beauty hacks I have learnt that have worked really well for me, not only because I'm the biggest Scrooge but also because it has actually worked and saves me from spending a lot of money.

1. Is This My Colour?
Too many times have I been hunting down Pokemon foundation and ended up left unable to find my shade, and too busy to sit and talk to someone at the counter for them to semi guess my shade with their poor training and really bad store lighting. What I have learnt in the few years I have upped my makeup game from oxidised orange to beautiful brown is to test my foundation on my neck in three shades that I think will best match me. The reason to do this on your neck is because that way your foundation can be applied to the whole face matching your neck colour. For WOC it is apparent that our faces are generally slightly darker than the rest of our bodies, so in order to insure a perfect match this is the best option. Secondly to add to that, never wait for it to oxidise in the store, take a step outside- see how it sets in the natural lighting... Has it gone grey and ashy? Is the undertone off? Or does it look like you didn't even apply makeup to the area. If your answer is the last one then viola there you have it. 

2.  Easy Peasy Primer
When times get hard and the pennies just wont stretch for me to repurchase a primer, I change up my makeup routine. And if you are someone who experiences oily skin, oily tzones or has combination skin then maybe you should to. For us primers and anything that will mattify our skin, is our best friends. So if you should find yourself lost in confusion of what to do, stop picking up the heavier moisturisers and opt for a light hydrating lotion or gel mattifying moisturiser. 
I personally opt for doing combination of options. For example; using the Simple light hydrating lotion- aiming to keep my skin moisturised but not overdoing it, followed by using the Simple oil balancing cream to help matte my skin, unless I have a mattifying gel moisturiser. Finally if I can I prime my face with my primer, but if not the first two steps work just as well. Just make sure you have your translucent powder to get that shine off the tip of your nose when the end of the day is approaching. 

3. Condition, Condition, Condition!
Big afro curly hair like me? Well I have always had constant battles with my hair, its normal especially when it comes to wash day... Ladies you know what i'm talking about. The best way to keep it curly luscious bouncy and tame the frizz is it to condition. And I mean condition in every single way you can. When your washing you hair maybe think about co-washing, using a conditioning hair mask, or a leave in conditioner at the end. Throughout the week I have my own hair crack *shout out the reference from Beauty Shop* which is a mixture of hair oil and conditioner that just helps my hair to keep itself looking fresh with a quick fix and making sure it retains moisture especially with the amount of sun we have been experiencing in London recently. Keeping our hair in check takes constant maintenance there is no dry shampoo for us ladies, lets keep that for our weaves! 

And that's it ladies and gents. Three simple HACKS.


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