With the internet being such a large space to accumulate information, it becomes harder to differentiate what is the correct information. There are so many beauty do's and don'ts on the  internet, how can we determine who is right and who is wrong? The correct answer is that nobody is correct or incorrect, it is all subjective to the individual and we all must find what works best for us. And on that note here are a few beauty hacks that have worked well in our opinion...

1. Is This My Colour?
Too many times have I been hunting down Pokemon foundation and ended up left unable to find my shade, and it is far too busy to sit and talk to someone at the counter for them to semi guess my shade with their poor store lighting. What I have learnt in the few years is to test foundation on your neck in three shades that looks like the closest match.The reason for this is  because your neck is your true colour and ensures your foundation matches both your face and neck.
 For WOC it is apparent that our faces are naturally slightly darker than the rest of our bodies, so in order to ensure a perfect match this is the great option. Secondly, never wait for it to oxidise in store, take a step outside- see how it sets in the natural lighting. Has it gone grey or ashy? Is the undertone off? Does it look like you didn't even apply makeup to the area. If your answer to the last question is yes then Bingo. Give it a try.

2.  Easy Peasy Primer
When times get hard and the pennies just wont stretch and you desperately need a primer, try changing up your skincare routine. If you experiences oily skin/tzones or battle with combination skin then maybe try this out. Dense and heavy moisturises lead to residue and your skin producing more natural oils from your pores- so stop with the excessive lotions and creams. Instead opt for a lighter moisturiser or a mattifying lotion or gel.
A favourite for mattifying skin before application of makeup is the Simple light hydrating lotion- aiming to keep my skin moisturised but not overdoing it. Additionally a primer and a translucent powder would help with reducing excess shine however if unavailable try changing your lotion.  

3. Condition, Condition, Condition!
Afro, Frizzy, Tight Curls? This can sometimes be a battle when you are unsure of how to deal with your hair. First advice would be to earn about your hair type, and whether your hair falls into a specific category- Dry/Sensitive, Brittle, Thin/Thick, Frizzy textures. This will help with finding what products would be best suitable for your scalp and hair.
 To my WoC, we all know what wash day can be like, a struggle.... The best way to keep it curly, luscious bouncy and tame the frizz is it to condition. Conditioner is your friend, and I mean conditioning in every single way you can. Co-washing, using a conditioning hair mask, or a leave in conditioner at the end can work wonders on transforming our hair.
 Keeping our hair in check takes constant maintenance there is no dry shampoo for us ladies, lets keep that for our weaves! 

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