Being a WoC, it's not likely you would find me falling in love with a product that some may associate with tanning or bronzing of the skin. But after being contacted to review Temple Spa's Goldentini Oil*, that is said to be suitable for all skin types and skin tones, I thought why not give it a go. 

I have been using Goldentini for a few months now, especially in the lucky and wonderful weather that has been gracing London, and can honestly say it is certainly something I reach for when I want to add a subtle amount of glow to the skin. This product does work for PoC, in particularly it leaves me looking sun-kissed and radiant. Together with my Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs these two products go together like a power couple! The first time I was able to fully embrace Goldentini at full force was when I headed off to a few festivals, after getting ready I just applied a small amount to areas of my body where the sun would naturally greet my skin and give it a beautiful bronzed glow on my caramel complexion, particularly focusing on my collar bones, shoulders and of course my legs. 

Temple Spa's Goldentini retails for £25, which is pretty affordable as a little goes a long way. The 50 ml bottle is essentially a body bronzing cocktail that nourishes, moisturises and kisses the skin, leaving it with a lustrous sheen, ensuring you are left radiant by the help of it's photo reflecting agents. The oil itself is lightweight and non-greasy that melts into the skin.
Since using the product I have received a few comments on what I have been using to achieve these results. and most of the time I would love to keep it a secret but on this occasion. its the perfect product to use in this summer weather to leave you looking summer time fine. And with these results I just have to share my beauty tips and tricks. Now that the festivals have died down and Carnival has swiftly approached us I know exactly what I will be whipping out again, yes you guessed it... THE POWER COUPLE. Not only do I wear Goldentini for big events and when I want to feel amazing, but it can be used for any occasion (birthdays, dinner dates, festivals, family gatherings- any moment when you want people to compliment you on your ravishing skin). 

Let me know what products you use, to get your glow on!

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