Avene Skincare has always been a brand that many of us are aware of, the brand specifically caters for those who suffer from sensitive, dry or problematic skin. Avene is a brand that Sincerely Shug (SS) has worked with for over three years.

With Avene being such a luxurious and well known brand SS wanted to share 5 of the top skincare products you need from Avene if you suffer with problematic dry skin. 

1. Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Creme
The Extreme Creme has been a life saver, if dealing with sensitive skin or being a sufferer of psoriasis or eczema. A small pea-sized amount goes along way in restoring areas of dry skin by nourishing and hydrating the skin. The product is perfect for popping it into your bag and using it on the go.  If you are looking for a product to keep you moisturised all day then look no further. 
2. Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Mask
The Extreme Mask if perfect to combat dry skin in the autumn/winter months so make sure to keep this product stocked in your bathroom for when you are in need of a holy grail product. This mask brings life back to dull dry skin by hydrating deep layers of the skin. The mask doesn't leave your skin dry, and it is recommended to leave the mask on for up to five minutes.
3. Eau Thermale Avene- Tolerance Extreme Emulsion
Avene Emulsions has been known to be a beauty bloggers favourite, it is so moisturising but the consistency is less dense than the cream, so depending on what thickness you prefer there is options. Luckily the Emulsion works for oily/combination skin types but remember a little goes a long way.  Definitely worth the hype. 
4. Eau Thermale Avene- Hydrance Optimale Light
 Hydrance Optimale is meant to be a hydrating skin moisturiser suitable for all skin tones, so don't worry we've got you all covered! This beauty is a light weight moisturiser that calms and soothes skin and mattifies once applied to the skin to reduce residue or shine.

All of these products can be purchased from Boots.com

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