Sunday, 4 September 2016


Autumn is approaching thick and fast, and the summer nights becoming a thing of the past. Soon we will be saying hello to the shorter days and the longer nights, for me Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons! The leaves start to drop and in comes the warmer colours of fall- forest greens, navy blues, burgundy reds and rustic oranges. 

So I thought now we have officially entered Autumn, why not have a look around the shops online and see what's new into the stores- starting off with New Look. Although this post is technically a wishlist, I tried to combine it as a outfit post at the same time, showing you all something I would wear during the colder months. 

For this outfit I chose to stick to the theme that pops up every year and that is checkered shirts, but instead of going with the usual red lumberjack colours, I decided to opt for this khaki cropped hem shirt. To go with this beautiful coloured shirt, I decided to pair it with this loose fit ripped mom jeans, mom jeans have easily became a fast trend setter in the last few years, and we all know they are comfy as hell! Everyone knows I am a sucker for a bomber jacket, and I know I am not the only one. Everyone and their mum loves a good old bomber, and that's because it goes with everything. This particular black long-line drawstring bomber is a little different to your average jacket. I love this particular one for it cheap and cheerfulness as well as its simplistic design. To put the whole outfit together I thought I would choose two options for footwear either to take you from day to night- or for those who prefer flats over heels etc. The trainers of choice are these simple white metal trim trainers, I picked these for the day look because I always wear flats, you would hardly ever catch me wearing heels. These trainers are a easy piece to add to an outfit, whilst the light brown metal trim Chelsea boots  have a bit more flair and character to then which can easily be worn day or night. 

I have always preferred more relaxed casual looks over anything else, if I'm not in my comfort zone then I never feel truly myself. 

That;s it there you have it, my one look that can take you from day to night during Autumn 2016!


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