Now the weather is definitely changing, and the cold breeze is starting to bite. Autumn will soon turn to winter, and we all know what that means. The big cosy jumpers, autumnal candles, thermal socks and leggings, and vampy makeup. Ever year is always the same for me, and I'm sure I am not alone when jack frost visits and leaves everyone with frost bite and chapped lips. This year I am changing the game, this year I have looked into products that can help us beat the chap. 

We all have a few beauty favourites that we reach for every year, those holy grail products you reach for in the bottom of your draws and the back of the cupboards you just need to dust off. Through the summer months I never really have an issue with keeping my lips moisturised and chap free, but during winter I tend to find it trickier. Over the years I have learnt (which I'm sure most of you are thinking... well done Einstein) moisture is key, lip scrubs and lip balms make all the difference. Of course you can make your own lip scrub at home with brown sugar, honey and a drop of olive oil, But I have an even tastier alternative.... 

Heard of LUSH? Who the hell hasn't, unless you have been living under a rock you would know all about bath-bombs, bath products themed around seasons and the amazing sugar scrub that can be purchased online and in-store. LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy, is one not to be messed with, this sweet remedy gently exfoliates dead skin leaving your lips extra smooth. But that's not only the best bit, once you've got rid of pesky crust you're then free to lick off the excess sugar scrub leaving you with the taste of blackcurrant and orange. What more could you want?

Now that your lips have benefited from a light exfoliation and are hydrated by the orange oil that is infused in the scrub, I never go anywhere without a lip balm of some sort, from Nivea to Carmex and from Carmex to EOS, you will always benefit from keeping one of these little beauts in your handbag or pocket. I remember when EOS came out and it was a frenzy across the world amongst all bloggers a couple of years ago, and please believe it still is! How could it not be? Many of us are a big fan of US products because there are so many we just cannot get are hands on, although is my secret american loophole to by not only lip balm but more! EOS comes in many flavours and varieties but that is not only what makes it so good, its the long lasting moisture it gives to your lips. 

Finally to keep those chapped lips at bay, if you're like me you are ready to put some lipstick on to add colour to your lips. Majority of the time I am a sucker for matte lipsticks but once it gets colder I try to steer clear of matte finishes and tend to reach for a creamy finish, similar to the Rimmel Moisture Renew.The Rimmel Moisture Renew is a moisturising lipstick that comes in a variety of colours, and its unique selling point that has got bloggers talking about this product, is how hydrating it is to the lips. Moisture Renew has a creamy texture which I am fond of, leaves lips super soft and ready to pucker up.  

Goodbye Chapped lips


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