Bean Body Coffee Scrub* RRP £14.95
Coffee scrubs have quickly graced media outlets with a bang. Magazines, Blogs, and Social Media outlets have all picked up on the latest craze and beauty bloggers are smothering themselves with Coffee! This new craze has had mixed emotions but the buzz isn't easily dying down.  Many are not fans of the smell of Coffee- and I have to agree I have never been fond of that strong coffee smell.
Sincerely Shug had been kindly gifted Bean Body's Coffee Scrub as a gift, and I had to get in on the hype! Skeptical at first and worrying about the smell- I have been pleasantly surprised. The Coffee Scrub is infused with coconut and sea salt which reduces the smell of coffee. The scrub has many benefits and could be considered a luxurious product for the price, the scrub softens, moisturises and hydrates rough, dry and dehydrated skin as well as being a treatment to stretch marks and cellulite.
The scrub smells of peppermint and benefits from properties of coconut oil, vitamin e and sea salt to penetrate the skin (used best massaging in a circular motion and drying naturally). To reveal super soft silky smooth moisturised skin that even a new born baby would be jealous of.

Bean Body do have other scents and infused scrubs to their range so make sure to keep an eye out for them, So I guess I was proven wrong,  It definitely is a lovely product and as someone who suffers with psoriasis I am very cautious about what I use on my body, but this was a pleasant surprise that works on sensitive skin. Coffee Scrub gets a thumbs up from us!

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  1. Can you mix coffee with CDB? Yes you can:


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