Have you ever found yourself looking at your laptop or PC with a hundred and one tabs left open? This happens to me on a regular basis, whenever I am looking for something at the best price, or surfing the web for services with reviews I end up closing them all down in despair. Why cant it be easy to just find what you want at a click of a button?

I have always been the type of girl who knows exactly what she wants, and what she likes, so it should be pretty easy right? Especially with the help of my longest loyal friend Google. Wrong! The internet is basically a complicated yellow pages that is a bit more dull with lots of pop ups. However with technology getting better and better and apps being easily accessible now a days it is literally becoming the norm to click and buy with the use of our mobile phones. 
Bidvine is a local services company that connects customers like me with professionals all over the UK, the website can be accessed via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Luckily I was able to partner up with Bidvine to see if its services could work for little old me. So your probably wondering what I am looking for, and in all honesty I look for everything, I always scowl the internet to find the best of the best. 
For example ever since I moved into my flat I have looked for reputable places that could clean my windows (as I am not brave enough to hang my body out the window to reach that stubborn smudge in the corner) and for a reasonable price too. I know this sounds really dull and you are probably thinking I am 86 instead of 26 but I live in the real world and need real things dealt with haha.  I also looked into things such as a cleaner to do a deep clean every six months of my property. And on top of that I searched the fitness section, as many of you know (if you have been a long time lurker of SincrelyShug)  I suffer with an auto-immune disease and have said countless times on the blog, that I want to be fitter, leaner and healthier....This was the perfect opportunity to search for personal trainers! Queue Bidvine research....

Welcome Bidvine, the easy accessible way to find services tailored to you! From the ease of my tablet and mobile I was able to search and input what I had to do, and all I have to do is answer a few questions to tailor to my specific needs. Once I have submitted what I am looking for I then wait for the countless offers to be emailed to me, leaving me to be able to pick the professional that I feel is best suited for the job. I literally feel like I am a judge from dragons den picking out the best suitors. 
On my search for a window cleaner/personal trainer I popped in my postcode, and was asked to take a few minutes to answer a few questions, which takes less than 10 minutes. Some of the questions that was asked, was how often I would like the service for, in some occasions my price range, and how many windows I had or how many people would attend the training session. Then I was able to submit my request easy as 1,2,3. What I love most about the service is the ease of tailoring what you are looking for, for instance I know I would only look for a window cleaner/cleaner three times a year. However I would like personal training sessions on a weekly basis. 

As you can see Bidvine offers a range of services from fitness to wellness, learning new things such as how to cook or how to play an instrument, to more hands on jobs such as a handyman, electrician or interior decorator. The list is endless. After being able to share the site with my friends, a few are looking into using the service as a customer and one wants to know how they can get their service on the site. I am thoroughly enjoying using the app and will continue to use it in the future for whatever I may need, with a few simple clicks I am able to sit back and find services available to me. Even for a little while in the beginning I found myself looking through all sectors that may benefit me, just so I knew what I could search for. 
I would recommend the service to anyone who is looking or researching what is available near to them, and if you are looking for a website that is easy to use for all ages whether you're 18 or 109.

Thank you Bidvine for making me aware of your services, I will be back. 


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