The idea that the female identifying population are all ''lady like'' is a complete and utter misconception (amongst the male species), just like guys out there we have our own fair share of dirty or unusual habits that are actually fairly normal amongst others with the XX chromosome. So if you've been baffled that your girlfriend or significant other burps, farts and scratches their genitalia at every given moment after the initial honeymoon period, that's because of the illusion we put across- remember we are just as human as you. Flaws and all, so here is a list of just a few of the secrets we keep until we are comfortable.

1. Shaving the minimum amount of skin possible that will be on show.
Now what is the point of fully going all out and shaving both legs, armpits and more when only the tiniest amount of skin will be on show. Save us the hassle and let us cut corners, at least we are leaving the house somewhat presentable.

2. Following on from that... Using the same razor for months.
It's not because we like using the same blunt razor for months, or we have an unhealthy connection with one razor- but when it works it works. Replacing it takes time and effort and not to mention, even when we do shop for skincare and all the other bits we just forget about it. 

3. Wearing the same bra for days on end.
Ok so literally, we are all guilty of this one and if you protest you are a liar. Even when we have a plethora of other bras desperately craving to see the outside world. You can never give up on your comfiest bra you own. Nothing a little sniff and deodorant wont cover.

4. Keeping our hands down ''there' for warmth (or cupping our breasts for warmth).
We all do things for comfort, some have a cup of tea- others find a blanket. But if you have never experienced cupping your genitalia for comfort and warmth then your missing out big time. And this isn't only aimed at the ladies, lads we know you do this too. Don't judge us. 

5. Sticking dead hair to the wall of the shower.
After the effort that is put into washing your hair, it just makes sense to roll your left over hair and stick it onto the tiles whilst you continue to shampoo, condition and clean the bath. Just make sure you don't forget about those hair balls. 

6. Giving the bush a trim on the toilet.
Now where else can you eloquently trim and shape your pubic area? The WC is the most peaceful place to turn into a quaint salon or hairdresser for the bearded clam (which actually sounds like a hipster barbers).

7. Examining discharge.
Closely inspecting the array of colours that can be produced by your vagina to ensure you are healthy and hope your'e not dying. Egg white, Creamy, Sticky, Yellow?

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