Put up your hands if you was gracefully selected to opt into a monthly subscription gifted by Aunt Flo, otherwise known as mother nature. It is a sensitive time of the month in which the uterus is crying red tears through our sacred passage, and it is common knowledge that this time can cause many different feelings, symptoms and confusions. Many of us start our period during our teenage years, which is alot to handle during that pubescent stage. Not only are we exploring who we are and who we want to be, we are constantly fighting with our periods. Trying to understand its cycle and when the next one is due to come. ''Suprise!". You're uterus screams..."You've leaked in your science class- Congratulations, you are now a woman"
So if youv'e ever wondered why you may weep more often than normal or you find yourself living inside of crisp packets or choclate wrappers.... Don't worry it is perfectly normal. 

1. Premenstural Syndrome
Now not all of us sisters may suffer from PMS, but those of us who do know exactly what this is, you completely understand just how much the hormone monster can come to play. Tender, sore and enlarged breasts, hormonal acne, headaches/migraines, weight issues, flu symptoms, dyspepsia, bowel changes, cravings and aches/pains- just to name a few of the symptoms we have to deal with. It makes so much sense now why we turn into female versions of the HULK, these physical and emotional changes can occur up to two weeks before the red sea approaches and during the tsunami. 
For your own sake men- dont piss us off!

2. What's the deal with pooing?
That time of the month which also means becoming an olympic runner... Probably running more than you did during your PE class in school, (weve probably done more laps than Usain Bolt). Running not just to check if you have leaked or if you need to change your towel(although that is a reason to run), but for needing to empty out your bowels. The body is so peculiar during this time- and with this our rear end can either go from unfortuante gases that fill the room, to becoming constipated or having to empty out far too many times in one day. Oh the joys of menstruation. 

3. Clothes feel tighter than usual.
This may shock you, but women can gain up to five pounds or more during their period. Why you say? This is because of the water weight that is held in the body from chemicals and hormones flying around the place. Why is the body such a complex thing- The water weight does eventually leave and we no longer need to cry into our four day old tshirts that our jeans dont fit. 

4. What's wrong with our bodily temperature gage.
Not only are we performing different emotions in the day, our periods also want to give us an early rendition of what menapause would be like... You know those hot flashes you get during the day, to those chills with the sweat running down your back- not to mention the night sweats- How are we unable to control our own bodies temperature when were not even pushing 50? Sigh

5. 'OHH Ahhh pass me the hot water bottle'
Cramps-  Imagine thousands of little ants kicking you with high heels on... And they show no mercy, we experience muscle aches and pains all over the body but for some of us lucky ones the pain really hits full force. The force is strong with this one.
Your neck, your back..... legs and stomach are key areas that suffer most from cramps and ovulation pain. Find something that best works for you, such as laying on the sofa all day under a blanket.

Why couldnt you just be fertilised little egg, i guess ill see you again next month lady in red.

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