Dating and relationships can be a difficult place to be, trying to understand what the other person is thinking. Putting your best foot forward in order to keep their interest and share common interests. As fun as the dating scene is, and the butterflies you may experience from the excitement. It is easy to get caught up without analysing the situation from afar. Are they actually interested in you or do they just like the attention from you? Are you on the waiting list as a reserve?
Here are 5 signs they just aren’t into you.

1.       You always initiate conversation
When you are interested in someone it is common for you to want to engage in communication with them, if someone is into you that chain of communication flows comfortably between the two of you. If the person you are dating never initiates conversation, doesn’t answer your calls or messages, and when they do reply in short responses with not much effort then that is a clear sign they may not be as interested as you are, and they are not thinking about you.

2.       You don’t spend quality time together
Even in the early stages of dating and relationships, there should be a need to want to spend time with each other. Whether that be going on dates or going on joint experiences, it is a sure way to get to know someone. On the contrary if they never want to spend time alone with you then something isn’t quite right. And if the only time they do get in touch is when many of us are heading to bed, its unlikely the contact is to have deep emotional conversations…. You may just be a booty call, so they aren’t as lonely in the middle of the night.

3.       You feel pressure to always be ‘your best self’
Being your best self is not a bad thing, however if you have been dating and seeing someone for a little while, it’s a red flag if you can’t relax and be comfortable. Having anxieties about when you’re next meant to meet, overthinking what you should look like or what you should say could all be because you don’t know where you stand.

4.       You are the reserve
If you feel as though the situationship isn’t going anywhere then you are probably right, and it is probably just that… A situationship! No progression towards a relationship and hardly dating, you may be wondering why they are still involved- sometimes people stay in positions which is comfortable for the time being until something better comes along. So they linger until the interest is gone completely.

5.       You feel it in your gut
Finally, sometimes there just is no explanation. You intuition and gut instincts are best to be listened to and if you feel they are not interested then they probably aren’t, and you are best keeping away from negative vibes and making yourself a priority.

It is safe to say, if someone is interested they would make it known and you would not need to constantly analyse what you are doing and asking for opinions because you would just know.

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