Sincerely Shug loves to collaborate with brands that we use ourselves in our personal lives so when we got the opportunity to demonstrate how we use Schwartz, it was the perfect time to share a quick and easy Winter dish!
Now we all know that in such busy times leading up to the Christmas period we just don't want the hussle and bustle of busy bodying around the kitchen to make a hearty meal from scratch. Why not leave that for Christmas day huh? It is understandable how we can sometimes find ourselves stuck beween buying frozen meals or ordering takeout. As tempting and as easy as that sounds, we dont want to pace around waiting for the chimes of the microwave.  Healthy flavourful and hearty quick meals can be made without the need of lots of prep or hesitation. 
Our quick and simple Chicken Casserole in collaboration with Schwartz will have you wanting more when you finish your bowls. 
- Schwartz Casserole Seasoning.
- Cooked Chicken Pieces (Seasoned to your liking)
- Shiitake Mushrooms
- Tender Stem Brocolli
- 1 Large Onion
- 2 Spring Onions
- New Baby Potatoes (Microwave)
Step 1: This takes no time at all, chop up your large onions, spring onion and mushrooms (feel free to include other vegetables to meet your acquired taste). Dice up your pre cooked chicken and feel dree to season to your liking (For our prep we used a selection of other Schwartz products from our cupboard with a spritz of fry light). The benefit of using pre cooked chicken is you already know its cooked and just needs heating up with the addition of more flavour, and that is exactly what the Schwartz casserole packet does.
Step 2: Pre heat your pot or slow cooker and add 300ml of cold water to start the casserole. Add in your veg and chicken so they can begin to soften with the packet of Schwartz seasoning. Whilst the ingredients are infusing with the seasoning get your potatoes ready. From your local supermarket, it is easy to buy microwavable new baby potatoes. For this dish we used garlic and herb potatoes in order to add to the same flavours the seasoning packet has to offer. Popping the garlic butter potatoes into the microwave will help soften them down before adding them into the pot. 
Step 3: Once everything is in the pot, preferably a slow cooker- turn the dial up to a higher setting and let all ingredients cook for 20minutes. Keep checking the pot until you reach your desired outcome, we prefer for them to be fluffy and easy to break with the back of a fork. By the end of the 20 minutes your casserole sauce should thicken up bursting full of flavour. To add to the dish as a side we sauteed some tender stem brocolli and left over mushrooms in a pan with garlic butter...Delicious.
An easy to follow recipe that can be tweaked to your liking, with not much washing up and tastes even better the next day. The winter months are the best times to whip up hearty meals for the family or just for yourself. Casseroles are an easy way to use ingredients from your cupboard without much fuss, so maybe it would be a good idea to stock up on some Schwartz products.
The Schwartz Chicken Casserole adds a touch of sweet garlic, rosemary and sage to a classic dish recipe but it is very easy for you to adapt and make it your own. The packet can boost enough flavour to the dish to serve four people depending on portion sizes, but for this meal we was able to get six portions. To add our own spin to a classic dish, we used some JustRol puff pastry and garlic butter cut in oval shapes (which of course is optional, but is great if you want to dip into the sauce) Or can be adapted as a Deconstructed Pie.
Try it out yourself and see if you like it!
Simply Delicious Chicken Casserole, great for dining in alone and a hearty meal for the family.
Schwartz products can be found 'Here' on the Tesco Website or Check out the brand itself 'Here' for there classic take on a Chicken Casserole.

W: Schwartz.co.uk
W: Tesco.com


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