Affiliate Links & Sponsored Content
Sincerely Shug (SS) does work with and displays sponsored content occasionally, however all content that is sponsored or shares affiliate links will be clearly visible. All content that has been written on SS, including sponsored collaboration will work in line with the websites ethos. 

Readers are not obligated to click any affiliate links, but this can help with the smooth running of SS. Affiliate links are used to earn commission, in which if the reader clicks the links and purchases something from the page- this will give SS a small commission from the sale that has been made. 

Reviews & Collaborations
Sincerely Shug does review a fair amount of products sent by brands on the website, however this is not sponsored collaboration. Many of the reviews made on the website is to share with the benefit of the readers. SS does purchase many of the reviews that have been displayed online to fit the values of the website and to fit readers interests. Products that have been sent are clearly stated with an (*) asterisks and has been since 2015. 
Please note not all products sent for review will be showcased on SS. 

All photography taken on SS is done so by the author or by those listed under the collaboration page.
Please note if you would like to use photographs owned by SS please email before using an image. 
If an image is owned by SS please directly link back to the original page and website.

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